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Entrepreneurship, financial freedom and being your own boss – The newest definition for doing the work you love

How have you been coping with Covid-19 lockdown? Have you been putting the free time to good use, or are you busy getting idle?

Regardless of whether you are working from home or not, there is no better time to become a self-starter than now. As the famous saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, and the best time is now.

Having mentioned that, one question that is probably racing through your mind is what does it mean to be a self-starter, and why is being a self-starter such a big deal? To find out how to become a self-starter and stand out, make yourself comfortable, and tag along — or read along.

What does it mean to be a self-starter?

You can think of a self-starter as an individual who has the distinct ability to set personal goals and goes all out to make them a reality. Self-starters are result-oriented, and they can independently provide solutions to challenges.

This group of individuals (speaking of self-starters) are the most sort after by employers because they make effective team players and can get tasks completed in good time. Having disclosed who a self-starter is, another frequently asked question is what makes a self-starter?

What makes a self-starter?

Recall that self-starters are go-getters. They have a high sense of intuition, take the initiative, and don’t need anyone to think for them — they can handle tasks or projects with little to no supervision.

Here are skills that are synonymous with virtually every self-starter

1. Motivation

Unlike other classes of individuals or workers, self-starters don’t require prompting from their supervisors or superiors to take action. They are intuitive and motivated to work; they understand what has to be done and set out to get the job done.

2. Self-starters have confidence

Speaking of confidence, the motivation and high-sense of intuition self-starters help them complete tasks without doubting their abilities making prolonged deliberations.

3. Self-starters have a clear ambition

These individuals are always guided by their ability to set goals and stick to a plan until the goal is achieved. Self-starters don’t just set goals; they set realistic goals for both themselves and their team, and they always know when to set higher goals if necessary.

Last but definitely not least, self-starters are resilient individuals. Their resilience helps them get over challenges or obstacles and bring their goals to fruition.

As you can imagine, self-starters can adapt to changes in their workspace or environment, making them efficient and “high-performance” individuals. Now, you can be a self-starter in whatever industry or facet of human endeavour you find yourself. Being a self-starter makes you versatile and affords you a wealth of experience that will help you grow in your chosen career.

Are you planning on becoming a self-starter?

If you paid attention to all we have shared so far, you would have clues on what it takes to become a self-starter. You have to be proactive and should be able to think on your feet. Self-starters are also prudent at proffering solutions and resolving conflicts.

Let’s quickly give you pointers on how to become a self-starter at your place of work?

  • You should embrace challenges and don’t buckle under pressure
  • Set goals and have high expectations
  • Always focus on successful outcomes
  • Be a team player and promote teamwork

Don’t lose yourself when things aren’t going your way.

Embrace challenges

You will be surprised at how some people excel where others fail — even when pushed to the limits. Self-starters take on tasks and come up with a plan to tackle them. They don’t turn their backs on challenges; instead, they desire to learn more from new experiences and be full of confidence and motivated to succeed.

Set goals and have high expectations

One of the top qualities of a self-starter is the ability to meet goals. You should be able to set realistic goals and achieve them. If you can meet goals regularly, you can set a new standard or limit for yourself and your team.

Having higher expectations will help you focus and boost your productivity while also allowing you to grow and increase your capabilities.

Always focus on successful outcomes

Self-starters always see positive outcomes. If you give them a reason why something can’t work, they will provide you with a hundred reasons why it will work. To them (that is, self-starters), the cup is half-full and not half-empty.

To be a well-rounded self-starter, you must be able to kill doubts in your mind and be confident in your thoughts while executing any task. Having a positive outlook on things boosts your self-assurance and help you focus on a favorable outcome.

Promote teamwork and be a team player

You know how they say, if you must get something done, you should do it yourself? Self-starters don’t think like that. Rather than nibble at multiple tasks or projects at the same time and end up not getting any work done, self-starters motivate others to collaborate with them and get tasks accomplished— teamwork.

Self-starters understand that there is power in numbers, and they always encourage others to be share ideas as a team and work together. In addition to all we have discussed, as a self-starter, you don’t lose yourself when things aren’t going your way.

You learn to take the bull by the horn and hold the line. And this is where the proverbial “getting comfortable with discomfort” comes to play. As a self-starter, you have to be resilient and adaptable. Rounding off on how to be a self-starter, you should be assertive when you communicate, be a goal-getter, and nurture your entrepreneurial drive. Having mentioned entrepreneurial drive, this would be the right time to discuss why you should work towards becoming self-employed.

What are the benefits of being self-employed?

Living without a regular job or a 9-5 call and not getting paychecks may seem like an impossible and unprofitable life. While being self-employed has its challenges, the advantages always outweigh the disadvantages.

As a self-starter, if you remain persistent and determined, you will be amazed at what your business or brand will grow into and how much your life will be transformed. Stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming self-employed offer countless benefits. Here are some of them.

1. Flexibility in work hours

Being self-employed means, no one is going to tell you should resume work or close for the day. You get to set your own rules and get tasks completed as you want to. If you have a family, running your own business will help you balance your work and work lifestyle. However, it would best to be realistic with your vacations and how you manage your business.

2. You get to choose your team

Unlike working as an employee with no choice but to work both whomever your boss throws at you, being self-employed allows you to select your team. Rather than grumble while working with a co-worker you don’t like, being self-employed will enable you to handpick individuals who share your vision and goals.

Other benefits of being self-employed include:

  • You have control over your life
  • You to keep the rewards of your hard work when your business starts to pay off.
  • You get to follow your dream or passion
  • You get to help others by creating jobs
  • You are independent and can live a varied life such as building yourself in your firm’s departments, e.g., sales, accounts, taking orders, and dealing with complaints.

Of course, there are financial benefits of being self-employed, such as savings on transportation. If you work from home, you won’t have any cap on your potential income.

Benefits of freelancing during the COVID-19 pandemic

With so many companies downsizing and furloughing, there is no better time to pick up freelancing. The work from home order leaves you with enough time to earn extra cash.

Some benefits of freelancing during Covid-19 includes experimenting with your craft, gain exposure, and you get to choose your clients and projects.

In conclusion

Becoming a self-starter, especially in freelancing, empowers you to live a comfortable lifestyle and saves you the stress of having a 9-5. All you have to do is identify your passion and start working on it.

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