Masseuse giving relaxing Javanese massage to client

A Massage a Day Keeps the Stress Away

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A good massage eases tension by stretching and spreading the muscle’s fibres and tissues. Those who work a stressful job should consider a daily massage.
Excited woman nanny listening to music and dancing with young girl

What Qualities you Should Look for in a Nanny

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Hiring the best home service nanny for child care is as easy as following this guide. Look out for these traits and bid eternal goodbye to bad or underqualified nannies.…
Two senior male woodworkers working as freelancers and celebrating

How to Achieve Financial Freedom by Becoming a House Service App Freelancer

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House Service App offers fantastic financial advantages for freelancers in different niches. In addition to robust financial benefits, the platform also provides financial protection by ensuring that freelancers get their…
Happy mature woman negotiating prices on the phone

How to Negotiate Prices When Hiring a Service Provider

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Sites like the House Service App make communication easy for clients and service providers. But regardless, you have to play your part in establishing trust and brokering solutions in the…
Man with his pet dog in the snow House Service App pet care

What Pet You Should Get and Why

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Pet care isn’t to be taken lightly, as it involves a combination of factors determining their suitability for you and your home. You might love a particular pet, but it…
Woman discussing with young interior designer pillow cases design House Service App

Why you Should Hire an Interior Designer

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Hiring a house service interior designer from the House Service App is worth the consideration. Think about the time, money, and effort you need to sacrifice for a project that…
Young woman using her phone to book home services House Service App

Why Millennials Hire Home Services

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Millennials are hiring house service providers because they are too busy to uphold home and personal care responsibilities. Plus, they are a technology-driven lot with easy access to House Service Apps and…
Man with dog DIY Home Services House Service App

Top Reasons to Hire Home Services and How House Service App Eases the Process

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Hiring home service providers is one way to minimise stress. It is convenient, efficient, secure, and saves considerable time!  The House Service App makes the process a lot easier. To think…
man cooking in the kitchen House Service App home services

The Secrets to Cooking Healthily

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The beauty of modern-day cooking is that you can prep and preserve your ingredients beforehand. In a world where everyone is super busy, it can be extremely difficult a whip…
Man cleaning the oven in the kitchen House Service App cleaner

The Secret Places to Check for Dirt in your House

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Cleaning can be a chore, so it is understandable when we fail to detect hidden dirt and germs in specific places. But with this guide, you can correct the flaws…
positive delightful florist House Service App home services

Know which Flowers are in Season

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We hope you are now well-acquainted with seasonal flowers. It’s time to hire a florist to set the rest of the stage. On that note, you can check out the…
Woman meditating and taking a break from her children and parenting House Service App

Top Reasons why Parents Need a Break and How House Service App Can Facilitate this

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Every parent deserves to take time out for themselves. Granted, your children need you, but you need you too. If you don’t take care of yourself, you might break down…