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Upgrade, update or style your home from scratch, make it a fun-filled and exciting adventure. However, finding inspiration for your new DIY project or home makeover can be overwhelming.

But fret not; there are many inspirational sources you can rely on to bring your vision to life. And we’ve curated a detailed list of inspirational resources for home styling and renovation for your benefit!

Here are the Places to Look for Style Inspiration

Your home should be your sanctuary first before anything else. It should reflect your personal values and unique style. Whether you want to spruce up your existing interior or get started on a long overdue DIY project, it is best to draw inspiration from design resources to save time, effort, and money.

On that note, here are some must-see and must-use home decorating and design resources to spark your imagination and bring your desired look to fruition.

Social Media

By social media, we specifically mean Pinterest and Instagram. Recently, these two platforms have become the go-to sites for fresh and exciting design and decor ideas — thanks to their vast collection of vivid and thoughtfully-curated images and feeds.

Pinterest— is a fan-favorite for finding brand-new and redefined home styling inspiration. It provides a virtual board that you can use to create your dream style and design. When you come across images that tickle your interest, you can pin them to your board for future reference and use. The app also allows you to create different boards for different categories.

For instance, you can have visual boards for the living room, kitchen, and garden. Consider searching trends for furniture, color palette, lighting, artwork, flooring, and other constituents of home design. You can also follow other users and draw inspiration from their custom boards or search for particular keywords ( such as “bohemian living room” or “pink-themed bathroom”)  to find images that match the aesthetic you have in mind.

Instagram — second only to Pinterest, Instagram makes an excellent home improvement, design, and renovation resource. Here, you are sure to find detailed instructions, tips, hacks, and graphic representations that target every space and room in your house. From the classics to the modern twists, there’s no shortage of inspiration or motivation on Instagram. To get started, search for relevant hashtags like #homestyling, #homedecor, and #interiordesignideas to find and follow accounts that post home decor and design ideas.

There are also popular home decor accounts with a large following that you can key into, such as,, and @farrowandball. Follow as many home enthusiasts and decorators as you can and save post after post. Also, don’t ignore content creators that are not exactly designers because there’s no telling where creativity will lead you.

Magazines and Books

A classic inspirational source, you can’t go wrong with a good home-centric magazine or book. Get a copy of a glossy interior design magazine and glean inspiration from the rich spreads and instructions within. Cop a coffee table book on architecture and design and draw inspiration from the detailed pages. There are lots of reading materials that offer sufficient design and style ideas for your home, along with handy how-tos and tips to make your task easier.

The best thing about books and magazines is the combination of insightful text and stunning visuals. Popular magazines like Architectural Digest, Ideal Home, Country Living, House Beautiful, Homes and Garden, and Elle Decoration should be on your list. If you need a more in-depth outlook on home design and styling, check out books from renowned designers like Nate Berkus and Kelly Wearstler.

Online Retailers

If you haven’t thought to draw inspiration from online home-focused retailers, think again! Popular retailers like West Elm, CB2, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and IKEA typically provide inspiration for their vast collection of products. These retailers showcase their products in well-styled rooms and spaces along with complementary pieces, so customers can easily envision the bigger picture.

You can also get catalogs from these stores for clearer and more visually-detailed images and themes. So while shopping for design pieces, sneak a look at the inspiration section of your favorite homeware or interior design store. And request for a catalogue if need be!


Where better to get inspiration than from your immediate surroundings? From the colors of spring to the textures of woods and stones to flower patterns, nature provides a free yet delightful inspiration for your home styling or renovation project. You can bring the outdoors into your home by incorporating nature-inspired colors and textures. A palette of warm and earthy tones like rich browns, rust, and ochre creates a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Shades of blue and green exude tranquility. Leverage natural materials like linen, cotton, and wool for your bedding and upholstery. Consider a live-edge wood dining table or a woven rattan chair with a contemporary twist. Bring in fresh flowers or plants to perfume the air and improve air quality. Take a casual stroll, a walk in the park, or a hike in the woods to find inspiration for your home design.


Travelling is another fantastic source of inspiration for home makeovers and design. You can glean inspiration from a bustling city, a quaint town, or charming countryside. When you travel, you get exposed to other cultures and learn about styling that is different from what you are accustomed to. It is an immersive experience that not only stimulates self-discovery but opens your eyes to inspirational elements you never even knew you needed or thought possible. You can get inspiration for your home from historic architecture, from the people you meet, from restaurants and hotels you visit, and from exploring nature.

So when you next travel, document everything that catches your interest. Whether it’s an intricately designed cookware, a patterned scarf, or an artisan’s lantern, these details can provide the theme for your home design. Plus, the travel-inspired decor is not just visually appealing but emotionally stimulating as well.

Antique Shops and Estate Sales

If your style and taste are not the norm, consider exploring antique shops and estate sales to find unique inspiration. Antique stores and estate sales showcase a vast selection of items inspired by past trends and styles. So if you are a sucker for retro vibes or rustic charm, make your way to the nearest antique store near you or attend an estate sale.

You will most likely find spectacular items that will stimulate your creativity. Grab preloved or pre-owned pieces that catch your attention. Don’t ignore items that look like a piece of work. You can reinvent such items with new upholstery, a coat of paint, or a little varnish.

Home Improvements and Design Shows

Books, magazines, and catalogues aside, you can draw inspiration from home improvements and design shows. These are the imaginative equivalents of the books and magazines you read. There are lots of shows that take viewers on an inspiring journey where home improvement and design are concerned. Home makeovers are incredibly entertaining and immersive as they cover each project from start to finish.

Nothing is left to the imagination, and every detail is sorted. It is particularly helpful if you are looking to start or finish a DIY project or want to transform your space from its current look. They also act as a support system or a motivational boost, as following somebody else’s project may be the boost you need to stop procrastinating and get started on yours.

Family and Friends

The inspiration you’ve been looking for might be right under your nose! You may have a friend or family member with an aww-mazing house, an eclectic apartment, or a grand taste for all things home makeover and design. Dinner at your aunt’s mid-century home can provide the inspiration for your rustic-themed living room. A glance at your colleague’s DIY wall art can inspire your next project.

So rather than dabbling in conversations and food only, take time to explore your surroundings on your next visit. Make it a habit to take in every home and space you visit, especially if you find it appealing at first sight or feel. Ask questions if you need to. Where did they find that striking antique chandelier or the Persian rug? Pick their brains for fresh perspectives and take notes.

Consult a House Service Interior Designer

House Service interior designers are a walking vault of knowledge. The thing is, you may not find the exact thing you are looking for in all the available resources, but a practiced interior designer can help you identify your style and chart your course. Also, a professional can put things into perspective for you after you’ve found the ideas you need. Finding inspiration is one thing, but the execution is another. And this is where an interior designer comes in.

They can also help you source some particularly rare pieces that are not readily available. These professionals have an expansive network and reach, and you can capitalize on that to create a one-of-a-kind look. Whether you are looking to consult or execute, you can find such seasoned house service interior designers on the House Service App.

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