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Why “Netflix and chill” with your significant is both romantic and essential

If there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it is that there is more to life than work, work and work. The lockdown made people realize how much they have lost touch with their families and how much they have taken their partners or spouses for granted. Thankfully, the lockdown restrictions orders have been largely lifted, and people can now head back to their everyday routine. But while you are at it, you shouldn’t forget to make time for your beloved, get closer, and spruce up your relationship with surprises like date nights at home.

Having mentioned date nights, not many people are aware of the benefits they offer and how they impact relationships. To help you understand why date nights are such a big deal in relationships, reports from a recent research show that couples that indulge in monthly date nights have higher chances to stay together longer than their counterparts who seldom go on dates. Isn’t that amazing?

Top benefits of date night at home and why you should make time for one + more

Before we dive into the benefits of date nights and why you should take them more seriously in your relationship or marriage, let’s take a second to touch on the top benefits of date nights at home.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, planning a perfect date night doesn’t cost a fortune. You would be surprised at how much love you will splash on your beloved without breaking a bank or putting a hole in your pockets. Let’s share our list with you.

  • Date night strengthens commitment

Think about it. Considering our busy schedule and barrage of work and responsibilities tugging at us in different directions, when was the last time you shared an intimate moment with your partner without getting distracted with work or chores? For the married folks, when was the last time you enjoyed each other’s company as couples and not parents?

The more you spend time apart, the higher the chances that you will start to lose focus and attention. To save yourself the heart wrench of a “sad relationship”, you should make time to engage in romantic activities with your significant other. That way, you get to talk about things and understand each other better.

  • Date night at home helps you stay connected

In addition to strengthening communication between you and your beloved, making time for date nights helps you connect even more as you get to discuss what you both are up to at your places of work, your goals and issues that are threatening or putting a strain on your relationship.

  • Date night helps couples build stronger relationship skills

It’s no news that the overly demanding work schedule puts our partners and us on different schedules. Sometimes, we lose touch with our partners and almost always have no clue what they are up to. It is almost as if we don’t see them, and this explains why most people are thrown into shock when their partner comes down with threatening health challenges.

Making time for date nights at home monthly will help you plan your week months and also afford you the time to catch up on what your beloved is going through physically, emotionally, and mentally. And what other way to show that you are still that caring person they fell in love with?

Date night is about carving out time for each other — the idea is to step on the brakes and connect with your beloved

To help you whip up the best date night ideas to surprise your beloved, you should have it at the back of your mind that the idea behind date nights is to strengthen the bond between you and your partner and “keep the fire burning.”

There is more to date night than setting the tables and lighting scented candles. The best date night should rev up intimacy and rekindle the romance. If you are still at sea about where to get started, you should consider activities that are out of routine — switch things up a bit because that’s where the surprise lies.

Explore activities that are novel and can boost closeness. Think outside the box; opt for activities that are arousing, romantic, adventurous, playful, sexual, spontaneous and passionate. All of these have been proven to reinforce commitment and a sense of care in relationships.

While you are at it, you should be careful not to go overboard; always seek balance in your choice of activities — strike a balance between risks and safety in your quest for adventure. Think about it; the last thing you want is either or both of you ending up in the ER in the name of keeping your relationship healthy.

Here are top amazing ideas for your date night at home

So, what activities are ideal for date nights? Reports from a recent study suggest that couples who engage in skydiving experience greater satisfaction in their relationships compared to those who don’t. But hey, we are talking date night at home and not couples jumping out of planes at higher altitudes.

Before you make your choice of date night at home activity, it helps to make time to understand what tickles your beloved’s fancy. The last thing you want is to choose an activity that your partner isn’t interested in. Whatever activity you choose for your date night at home should be something you both enjoy doing, such as cooking together or watching your favorite movies while snuggling under the blankets in a dim-lit room with soothing smells from scented candles.

  • Are you thinking of movie nights?

Though often looked down on, having a movie date night at home works wonders, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to pull off. All you have to do is make the living room comfy with pillows and blankets and have your lover’s favourite movie on standby. What is a date night without snacks (lots of snacks) and candies?

To make things even more lively and astonishing, you should get snacks and treats that can only be found at the theatres — while you are at it, ensure the popcorn doesn’t slip your mind. Another trick is to choose a themed movie — maybe something from when you were younger or something that will take you on a time travel.

  • Get creative and breathe life into your dining room or patio

While eating out is not a bad idea but itself, it is trailed by the extra expenses of getting a babysitter and costly meals at fancy restaurants. On the other hand, having your date night at home will save you such costs. Don’t know where to get started?

You can turn either your patio or dining room into a choice destination. Having date nights at home offers the comfort and warmth of your home — not to mention the quiet. All you have to do is tap into your creative side and decorate the dining area to suit the theme for the night. Adorn your dining table with a nice tablecloth, light a couple of candles and spray fancy confetti to make the scene pop.

Once all of this is done, get a bottle of good wine and make arrangements for a delicious meal. Put the final touches by setting the ambience of the room and putting on immersive background music. While you are at it, remember to take things slow and easy, relax, hold hands and have genuine conversations that don’t involve your families or work — the idea is to focus on yourselves and be in the moment.

We are not done yet; There is still more!

Other date night at home ideas you should consider include:

  • Game night
  • Have a couple’s quiz night
  • Cozy up around the fireplace and try out new things in the bedroom, like wearing sexy lingerie, rose petals on the bed and body paints.

There you have it, pointers on how to surprise your beloved at home with a date night at home. Remember, the idea is to communicate, connect and enjoy each other’s company.

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