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Appropriate lighting can not only affect your mood and the ambiance in your home, but also your productivity

Lighting has a way of bringing out the beauty of your home. In addition to helping you see better, incorporating the right kind of light in your interior decor makes your space functional, appealing and improves ambiance.

Having mentioned ambiance, lighting helps set your home’s mood by creating a calming effect or keeping you sharp and alert (during the day). Thus, increasing productivity. Among many other things, we all love to make our homes cosy and warm. Somewhere, you look up to at the end of the day’s hustle and bustles.

To create an appealing and cosy ambiance in your home, you should aim to get the right lighting and, of course, the right fixture or lamp. Remember, different types of lighting will set different moods.

Here are lighting tips for making your home cosy

1. Get chic lamps

Compared to overhead bulbs, lamps often give off the right amount of light that screams cosy. It is best to consider the size of your room while purchasing your choice of lamps — The bigger the room, the more lamps you should have. This way, you get to maintain a consistent cosy lighting theme throughout your home.

2. Floodlights

If you are looking to concentrate warm lighting on a particular spot or area in your room, floodlights are your best. Flood bulbs are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms, and they are ideal for an appealing and warm lighting setup.

3. Dimmers

Adding dinners to your lighting set up gives you the convenience of switching between different lighting options instantly. Depending on your mood and how you want the room to feel, you can have sharp, jolting lights to keep you awake during the day and warm cosy lighting while unwinding and getting ready for bed at night.

While you are considering the lighting type that is best for you, you should also consider your choice of furniture and flooring because they are all essential parts of your interior decor. They complement your selection of lighting to give a cosy look.

How to get your lighting right and create a cosy interior

Having shared tips on making your home cozy, you have probably been wondering how you get your lighting right and create a relaxing interior? As we take tag along, we will guide you on how to do all of that. Here is a simple guide you should consider.

  • Think function!

When brainstorming cosy lighting ideas for your home, the first thing to consider is your space’s function. Every room has its function and requires a different type and level of lighting.

For instance, the kitchen area often requires task lighting to provide enough light to enable people to see the worktop clearly while preparing food. As such, a suitable lighting fixture will be ceiling downlights, under cabinets strip lights, or spotlights.

Unlike the kitchen area, where you need bright light to get things done, the living room or dining area requires softer and warm accent lighting. In such places, you consider either floor or table lamps.

As we mentioned earlier, large and multi-functional areas will require multiple lighting and dedicated switches for different activities or events, such as cooking, relaxation, or entertainment.

  • Consider layer lighting

Contrary to popular misconceptions about layer lighting, you don’t need a gazillion lighting points or sources in a room to create a warm and appealing setting. You can start with either three or four light sources for a start and add more if there is any need.

As the name implies, layer lighting means having multiple types of light in your space. First, you start with ambient lighting, which provides most of the lighting in the room.

You can consider using a ceiling pendant for ample illumination. Chandeliers or a stylish pendant will get the job done, and it will be best to opt for bigger lighting fixtures for the living room (or large spaces) to serve as the focal point and create a sense of grandeur.

Having gotten your ambient lighting right, the next step is to consider the task lighting for areas that require focused lighting for specific activities such as reading, working at home, or doing your makeup.

Having done that, you can get creative with your accent lighting. Accent lighting is like the icing on the cake, and you get to put a twist to it with your creativity. Uplight, wall lights, and track lights are a great choice to consider, and you can never run out of ideas.

  • Less is more — Dim the lights!

When it comes to creating a cosy environment with lighting, always consider dimming the ceiling lights. Ceiling lights are usually very bright, and they cause a lot of glare — and glare doesn’t fit into the theme of cosy. Instead, it causes discomfort.

To successfully create that cosy feel that you have always dreamed of, you must have full control over the lighting — and that’s how where dimmers come into play.

Having dimmers installed at the lighting points allows you to tone-down or reduce the intensity of light bulbs to suit your mood at any time. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can dim lights and even change the colour from your phone.

  • Consider lighting clusters in corners of your room

To give your room an intriguing look, you should consider creating lighting clusters in some areas of the room. Lighting clusters create focus areas and prevent a one-dimensional lighting theme where you have the same light level and throughout the room.

Just as you would your fabrics and other decorative elements, you should have a contact in your lighting set up as well. There are different styles and tones of lighting you can use to bring your room to life. To create a cluster lighting effect, you can use lamps on sideboards and shelves to draw people’s attention to the cosy and inviting corners around the room.

  • LED lighting!

LED light bulbs are fast gaining traction, and many people are dumping incandescent and fluorescent bulbs for the new kid on the block. LED light bulbs offer a longer lifespan (up to 50,000 hours lifetime) than other light bulbs. For instance, LED bulbs can last up to 20X and 8X longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs, respectively.

What do these figures mean?

It means that LED light bulbs are durable (with a lifespan of up to 15 years). LEDs are also energy efficient (they consume less energy), they reduce spending on electricity bills, and they don’t emit heat.

In addition to cutting cut electricity bills and being eco-friendly, LEDs don’t flicker and don’t waste time reaching full brightness. Overs the years, LED lamps have been improved upon, and you can find LED bulbs for virtually every fitting; they are also available in different colours or hues and tones.

We are rounding off!

When deciding on the right type of lighting for your home, don’t fall into thinking more lighting is always better — no, it isn’t! While most people are attracted to bright areas, having too much light in your living area will cause discomfort and kill the vibes whenever you have friends and families around.

A better choice of lighting for living rooms is to use a pendant or chandelier, sconces, and some table and floor lamps.

Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two about getting your lighting right. We believe that you can now take on your lighting project without fear and create that serene, beautiful, and comfortable space you have always wanted.

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