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Paying for childcare or being a stay at home is one of the most difficult decisions to make as a parent.

Both options come with pros and cons and the ultimate decision is dependent on several factors including financial considerations, personal values and the unique needs of a family.  Whether you pay for home service childcare or select to stay at home is completely up to you.

Making a Choice

In today’s fast-paced world, it is extremely difficult to choose between a thriving career and baby care. Most parents want to spend quality time with their little one and detest leaving them in the care of strangers. But they have to make money and put food on the table.

You may feel extremely guilty or negligent when you choose to go to work and leave your child in the care of a professional.

On the other hand, resigning from your job to take care of your baby may breed financial challenges for your household or affect your mental fortitude which might compromise the quality of care that you give to your little one. Ultimately, there are no two ways to either decision. Something’s got to give. And you have to be prepared to deal with the perks and drawbacks.

But hey, you can make a fair decision that works best for you, your family and the baby. Remember, a decision like this is entirely subjective and not objective ( never mind the barrage of advice and opinions on the internet ). What works for A might not work for B. So whether you choose to hire a house service nanny or quit your job, it is your decision to make, provided the outcome makes you happier than sad.

We’ve highlighted the advantages and drawbacks of each choice so you can come to a decision that works best for you and your family.

Factors to Consider when Considering Childcare

Weigh your options by considering these factors:

Financial Considerations

Your financial obligations, commitments and outlook play a significant role in choosing to hire a home service babysitter or staying at home. Here is a detailed and logical comparison to help guide your decision.

  • Hire a Childminder

Raising children and managing a household costs a fortune. From mortgage payments to grocery bills to energy bills to clothing expenses to educational fees and to name but a few, there is a “hefty price” to pay. Thus, most households leverage a dual income to counteract the financial burden.

When you and your partner work and earn income, it is much easier to foot the mounting bills required to maintain your home and care for the family. As such, it makes sense to hire a home service nanny or babysitter to take care of the kids so both parents can work and maximize the household income. Depending on the cost of childcare in your locality, it might be more cost-effective to pay for childcare than for one parent to stay at home.

For instance, hiring a house service babysitter on the house service app is relatively affordable. As such you only need to dedicate a small fraction of your combined income to pay for the service. This might be more cost-efficient and rational than giving up one income to care for the child.

  • Stay at Home

In cases where your household depends on a dual income to make ends meet, it might be unwise for one parent to quit their job and stay home to care for the child. Once you give up your job or career, you will become financially dependent on your spouse and make do with whatever money comes your way. This can take a toll on your self-esteem and may lead to resentment and self-loathing.

Also, you may have to cut down your household expenditures which can impair lifestyle satisfaction. Financial crises can also affect the relationship between you and your partner. You may argue about money often or feel resentful of each other. So, rather than quit your job and stay home, it is best to pay for a childminder at a reasonable fee.

However, if your partner earns a substantial income which can sustain your family, you can elect to quit your job and become a full-time parent. But if you love your career or hate being financially dependent on others, you should rethink!

Quality Time and Developmental Milestones

Every parent wants to spend quality time with their adorable little ones. They want to be there to witness every milestone and precious moment. However, working parents often miss some of these developmental milestones and the joy that comes with them. If you are big on milestones, here is how your decision will impact your desire:

  • Hire a Childminder

There’s nothing quite like watching your child cross important baby milestones as they grow. But a demanding career means you won’t get a front seat to watch the show, instead, your house service nanny will do the honours on your behalf. This is quite distressing for some parents who work demanding jobs.

Coming home to learn that your child took their first step or spoke for the first time in your absence is like a punch to the gut. However, you can still hire a childminder and partake in these moments if you work from home or have a flexible job.

  • Stay at Home

If you choose to stay at home and tend to your child yourself, you will have a better chance of witnessing all your baby’s little accomplishments. You will be there when he or she crawls, sits up, speaks and walks. So if you can’t deal with the guilt or abhor the thought of missing your baby’s developmental milestones, you can opt to be a full-time parent.

Building Independence and Social Cues

Most parents want their children to grow up independent with good social skills. Here’s how your decision can influence this developmental trait:

  • Hire a Childminder

When you hire a house service nanny or enrol your child in daycare, your baby will learn how to thrive in your absence. They will sleep and eat without your help and value your presence even more. A childminder will also teach your baby foundational social skills — they will learn how to interact with people outside of their immediate circle. They will also learn to adapt when you switch from one childminder to another. For example, you can go from daycare to hire a home service nanny, depending on the circumstances.

  • Stay at Home

If you are too available, your baby will become clingy and dependent on you. They will be reluctant to do things on their own because they know you will always be there. Plus, they will develop little to zero social skills due to a lack of exposure. Though choosing to stay home will strengthen the bond between you and your baby, your little one may detest the company of strangers or make a fuss when you attend social gatherings. So if you want your baby to cultivate independence and master social cues, consider hiring a childminder.

Personal Interests

  • Hire a Childminder

With a professional childminder such as a house service nanny, you will have time to focus on hitherto neglected areas of your life. You can hang out with your friends, engage in leisurely activities such as Zumba and yoga classes, enjoy quality time with your spouse or start something you’ve always wanted to do. You don’t have to work or have a career to hire a childminder. You can be a full-time stay-at-home mom and still pay for childcare so you can focus on other things.

  • Stay at Home

Being a stay at home parent can leave you drained, exhausted and unhappy. When your life revolves around your kids and family, you will lose your identity or sense of self. You may have loved painting, spa dates or taking road trips before your little one came into your life. But as soon as you commit to full-time childcare, you will bid those things you used to enjoy goodbye. This can make your life monotonous, unexciting and tiring. So if you have personal interests you’d love to pursue, consider hiring a childminder. But if you enjoy being a 24/7 stay at home parent, you can do as you please.

In Conclusion

Selecting to stay home or pay for childcare is solely dependent on your interests, family structure and financial obligation. There are no one-size-fits-all parameters. Both options have their pros and cons , and the one you choose should be more advantageous than disadvantageous to your situation.

If you need money to keep the home running, go to work and hire a house service childcare professional. If money isn’t a problem and you want to witness all the developmental milestones , consider staying at home. If you value some “me time”, hire a childminder, but if you don’t, you can happily subscribe to 24/7 stay at home service !Ultimately, the ball is in your court !

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