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How to achieve meticulous cleanliness and clear out all dirt at home

Your home might appear squeaky clean, and spotless, but germs, dirt, and Bacteria might lurk in hidden nooks and crannies. Sometimes, they are hidden in plain sight! Here are some places in your home that secretly harbour dirt, dust, and whatnot.

Easy to Miss Spots in your Home

When cleaning our homes, it is a no-brainer to clean countertops, floors, and other visible surfaces. But there are certain spots in your home that even the most professionally trained house service cleaner can miss.

These hidden corners or objects are tricky, easy to miss, and scattered throughout your home. Whether you are a passionate homemaker who prioritises a pristine environment or a dedicated home service cleaner, you might want to pay attention to these surprisingly dirty spots:

Fridge Handles

Talk about “hidden in plain sight”! We spend valuable time cleaning the insides of our fridges until they are translucent. We might even wipe down the top and body. But what about the handle? Oh, right, we never think to clean the fridge handle! It will shock you to know the number of bacteria and dirt that nest within and outside your fridge handle. Your hands and many other hands are constantly touching the fridge handle and, in the process, dirt and germs are transferred

Think about the number of times you used greasy or sweaty hands to open the Fridge. Or the number of days you came straight home from the grocery store and unloaded unwashed vegetables or meat into the Fridge. Guess who bears the brunt of your negligence? The Fridge handles. Thus, it is only right to disinfect the handle as often as possible.

Window Sill

Of course, you take your house service cleaning job seriously and ensure that your clients’ windows are crystal clear. But as efficient as you are, it never occurs to you to clean the insides of the window sill. But don’t beat yourself up yet, because it happens to the best of us.

Fortunately, it is not too late to redeem your oversight. Fill a bowl with hot water and pour a generous amount of soap inside. Get a clean cloth or towel and attack all unwanted dirt and debris lurking within the sills. Because if you don’t get rid of these pesky things, you may find it challenging to open and close your windows seamlessly.

Oven Buttons

There’s nothing we hate as much as cleaning the oven! In fact, we’d rather delegate this loathsome chore to a home service cleaner. Cleaner or not, your oven’s buttons deserve maximum cleaning attention. While cooking, we tend to use sticky and food-stained hands to operate the knobs. Unfortunately, we seldom remember to clean these small functional buttons when we are done cooking

They foster bacteria, germs, and dirt that get onto our bare hands when we use the knobs. On that note, you will be doing yourself and your family good by cleaning your oven knobs. And it is even easier to clean the knobs than the oven itself, so you have no excuse!

Toilet Bottom

You might diligently scrub the toilet every week or as often as you can manage. Your bathtub, floor, and walls look incredibly clean and sparkling. But look beneath your toilet, and you will find a nasty surprise!

You might even feel like puking at the sight of the nasty discovery. But if you muster the strength and will to clean up that spot regularly with water, soap, and disinfectant, you will no longer deal with the mess!

In-between Surfaces and Appliances

Take a look at the cracks or slots between your cabinets or the Fridge and countertop — and you are bound to find unsightly debris accumulated from many months or years of kitchen use. It is not your fault, though! These spaces are oh-so-tiny, and when their siblings (countertops, cabinets, and appliances) get cleaned, they go unnoticed.

However, it is time to include them in your regular cleaning routine. Make a mental note or an actual note to clean in-between surfaces and appliances when cleaning your kitchen. You don’t have to clean these crevices as frequently as you clean other parts of your kitchen, lest it becomes burdensome. But do clean them when due.


Most people wash their bedsheets and pillowcases every few weeks by default. Unfortunately, pillows and comforters hardly get the same prestigious treatment. Pillows are exposed to hair oils, shampoos, and what-have-you every day of the week. Comforters take in animal hair, infant drool, slobber, and sweaty skin. The result? A bandwagon of dirt and bacteria ready to make you and your family sick at the slightest opportunity!

So, it isn’t enough to wash your bedsheets and pillowcases to maintain bed cleanliness, you should also wash your pillows and comforters every three to six months. Lastly, make it a point to check care instructions before loading it into your washer or giving the laundry guy!

Shower head

Have you ever checked your shower head? No? Well, here is what you will find if you do; most holes are clogged and do not emit as much water as they should. The shower head is one of the most neglected spots in the bathroom, where dirt and germs conduct covert operations. The holes are often clogged with mold, soap scum, limescale, and every bathroom or shower dirt imaginable.

It is gross to think you’ve been showering with mould and scum-infested water, right? So, get a shower foam cleaner ASAP and eliminate all the filth. It would be best to unscrew the head and soak it in a solution of hot water and white vinegar. Alternatively, pour white vinegar into a plastic bag, wrap it around the shower head, and let it stay for a few hours before opening the water.

Last Words

Cleaning can be a chore, so it is understandable when we fail to detect hidden dirt and germs in specific places. But with this guide, you can correct the flaws and get rid of dirt and bacteria for good. And if you need help cleaning some of these spots, you can hire a professional cleaning service on the House Service App.

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