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In between demanding jobs and family needs, stress is frequently inevitable. Daily stressors can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Learn how a good massage can combat daily stress.

The Beauty of Home Service Massage Therapy

A house service massage can improve your quality of life and lifestyle. We all lead busy lives, taking a toll on our muscles and mental salubrity. Therapists recommend reducing work hours and avoiding dramatic situations. But this is somewhat difficult to accomplish. However, you can counteract the effects of stress or keep it at bay without sacrificing your job or actively avoiding stressors.

Daily massage relieves muscle tension and combats stress, anxiety, and depression. Certain massage types are thoughtfully designed to invoke calm and minimise uncertainty. They help manage stress responses that trigger uncomfortable symptoms such as fast heart rate, shortness of breath, chest pains, and uncontrolled sweating.

You can get a good massage from a wellness spa where a trained masseuse will cater to your stressed-out body and mind. But better than that, you can hire a home service massage specialist to attend to you in the comfort of your home or location of choice. Hence, you wouldn’t have to lift a finger or foot to get your daily massage. Plus, commuting to and from a massage-focused centre minimises the therapeutic comforts of the treatment.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

Here are the advantages of house service massage therapy for stress relief:

Mitigates Muscle Tension

Stress has devastating effects on both physical and mental functions. One common side effect of accumulated stress is muscle tension and pain. This is prevalent in people with sedentary jobs or individuals exposed to sedentary situations. Sitting for prolonged periods can stiffen your muscles resulting in pain and discomfort. Anxiety can also stiffen the body’s muscles when the fight and flight response is continuously activated.

A good massage eases this tension by stretching and spreading the muscle’s fibres and tissues. Thus, the muscles will loosen up and relax, leading to pain-free and fluid movements. So, if you work a stressful, sedentary job or suffer from anxiety, consider getting a daily house service massage at least two or three times a week.

Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety is a common stressor that affects people of all ages. Studies have shown that a massage can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms. People with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) report reduced sympathetic tone ( a function of the parasympathetic response) after getting a massage.  The body has two nervous systems: the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system induces the “fight or flight” response, while the parasympathetic is the “calming” response.

The former responds to danger or threats, while the latter provides a sense of calm. Massage acts on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps alleviate the fear response triggered by its sympathetic counterpart. The best thing about massage therapy for anxiety is its long-lasting effects.

Eliminates Fatigue

“You can’t seem to catch a break”!  You have important work deadlines and targets to meet, and your body screams for help. You are completely drained, exhausted, sleepy, and cranky. Most of us have felt this way or even experienced these sensations at the moment, and it is not thanks to fatigue.

Several factors trigger fatigue; maybe you are not getting a good night’s sleep or have a biological condition that saps the energy out of your body system. Whatever the reason, a home service massage is to the rescue. As a case in point, breast cancer survivors in a particular study reported a reduction in fatigue after getting a Swedish massage.

Promotes Sound Sleep

About the point mentioned above, quality house service massage can aid sleep and reduce fatigue.  Lack of quality sleep encourages fatigue; hence, you can treat sleep-induced fatigue by working on your sleeping pattern.

Sleep is affected by the activity in the nervous system, so when there’s too much activity, you may toss and turn all night. Massage helps lift the pressure off the nervous system so you can sleep like a baby. Additionally, your substance P levels  (the neurotransmitter for pain) will drastically reduce when you sleep soundly.

Improves Focus

Concentration is linked to heart rate function. Accelerated heart rates translate to low concentration levels, while lower heart rates equal laser focus. A good massage session slows down the nervous system, which lowers the heart rate.

During a massage, the pressure receptors activate the vagal activity, which originates from a nerve in the brain and branches to other body systems, including the heart. As such, massage therapy can decrease your heart rate and help you develop laser focus without zoning out.

Massage Techniques for Stress Relief

Common massage techniques for stress relief include:

Deep Tissue Massage ━  Utilises firm pressure to stroke the deeper parts of the muscles where stress and pain emanate from.  Tension from deep within the muscles causes severe pain and limits movement. A massage technician uses stroking and kneading techniques to improve the muscle’s elasticity and support free movement.

Lymphatic Drainage ━  Stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate the body’s metabolic waste. Metabolic waste stems from muscle overuse or injuries and causes muscle fatigue. A massage therapist uses deep strokes to banish waste and support blood circulation.

Trigger Pointing ━  This is one commonly used and effective massage technique that helps alleviate stress. Trigger points are embedded in muscle fibres and form knots, and these knots are often implicated in headaches and mental stress. A massage specialist uses fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to these points and eliminate stress.

Where Can I Get Home Service Massage Therapy

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