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Known for heavy rains, flooding, and pipe malfunctions, the UK has an increasing demand for plumbers. But are these the only reasons? Let’s find out!

The High Demand for Plumbers in the UK

Britain has a high demand for house service plumbers, given its unique weather conditions and war history. Properties and buildings in the UK have lived through devastating wars and suffered debilitating pipe damage, hence the pressing need to restore the piping systems to a polished glory. As a result, people are continuously seeking plumbing services to correct faulty pipes or install new plumbing systems.

If you are moving houses or live in an old building, you will likely need the services of a plumber. Plus, these systems are not immune to malfunction, so it isn’t unlikely for your taps, faucets, or pipes to develop a fault along the way. Thus, you will need a plumber to fix broken pipes and install toilet/bathroom amenities, among other repairs.

Additionally, the UK’s population is in full bloom, so there is a new and increasing demand for basic amenities like water, gas, and drainage systems. Population experts have predicted that UK households will increase by 3.2% over a 10-year range(from 67.1 million in 2020 to 69.2 million in 2030). And the more households, the higher the demand for home service providers, including plumbers.

Technology isn’t a Hindrance

The evolution and execution of technology have changed many industries and led to the complete extinction of some services. Most people assume that brand-new technical systems will replace plumbing services. While technology has provided advanced plumbing tools that make the job easier, plumbing companies are still strong and kicking. With more homes on the horizon, house service plumbers will continue to be in demand.

There are 4% fewer plumbers in the UK than in 2004. Also, the UK plumbing industry has recorded a 10% increase in the supply of plumbers in the last decade. The growth has little influence on the growing population and homes. One in four households will require plumbing services in a year, leading to long wait times or difficulty finding a reliable house service plumber.

Why are Plumbers in such Short Supply?

The high demand for home service plumbers in the UK means there aren’t enough qualified plumbers to serve each household in record time. Contractors and homeowners have difficulty finding seasoned plumbers to tackle commercial and residential plumbing needs, and most must wait a long time for a skilled professional to come through.

The shortage became more apparent during and after the pandemic, with people struggling to locate house service plumbers to install, maintain and repair piping and drainage systems. But why are plumbers increasingly difficult to get hold of? Several factors contribute to the high demand and short supply.

Children and Youths are not Pursuing Plumbing Careers.

When you ask children what they’d like to practice when they grow up, they instantly say doctors, lawyers, engineers, journalists, and other well-known professions. Hardly will a child express interest in becoming a professional plumber. This is hardly their fault as parents and children encourage young ones to go to college and study recognized disciplines. As a result, children learn a degree that isn’t aligned with their passions. Some of them don’t even use these degrees to earn a living and choose to pursue other hobbies. At the same time, others have to deal with mounting student loans.

The supply and demand gap will be bridged if children are encouraged to study or learn trade-centered professions like plumbing. They wouldn’t have to spend so much time studying a course they are least interested in; rather, they can graduate within 18-24 months after learning a skilled trade. They will accumulate less debt than studying a conventional course and pay off their loans sooner. Plus, getting a job in the trading industry is far easier than in the corporate world.

Many Retirees, Fewer Successors

Plumbing is an age-old service that has spanned many generations and seasons. And like all old professions, there are bound to be greying retirees. But while other disciplines provide youngsters to fill in the shoes of the old ones, the plumbing industry has fewer successors to take charge after old plumbers have retired.

Thus, there’s a gaping hole left to fill, and it doesn’t help that youths are not encouraged to take on plumbing roles. This is why parents and teachers should motivate children to learn skills and trades (that they are passionate about). If your child or teenager shows interest in learning the plumbing trade, encourage their interest rather than stifle it. Universities and colleges should also incorporate programmes that teach this trade’s theoretical and practical aspects. If this is done, the ageing workforce will always have a fresh supply to replace the retirees.

Remember, traditional professions are not the hallmark of success. Plumbers earn a good pay than some white collared jobs. Entry-level house service plumbers earn about 15,000 to 19,000 pounds in the UK, and this paycheck becomes higher as their career progresses ( most professionals earn about 25,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds in a year).

Plumbing isn’t a Dirty Profession

The misconception that plumbing is a dirty undertaking contributes to the imbalanced demand and supply ratio. While it isn’t the most pleasant job, it is not messy or undignified, as the stereotypes portray. Plumbing demands critical and problem-solving skills as well as people and communication skills, just like every other “dignified” job. Navigating the trade demands is quite challenging as one has to stay on top of evolving trends and technicalities.

So it isn’t just “unclogging blocked pipes”; a plumber often works in a design capacity alongside architects and engineers, creating blueprints and facilitating installation processes. House Service plumbers also have in-depth knowledge of building regulations, safety standards, and legal expertise. They also offer technical services like testing pipes for leakage using special equipment and constructing new pipe systems by cutting, measuring, and threading pipes.

Final Thoughts

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