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The upcoming king’s coronation is a highly anticipated event with immense global significance. And while the coronation will be taking place in England, you can celebrate in your own little way from anywhere around the world.

The Coronation Events

The coronation of his Majesty King Charles III is scheduled to be held on 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey London. The King will be crowned along with Her Majesty, The Queen Consort.

The King ascended the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. Buckingham palace has announced a flurry of activities lasting from Saturday 6th May 2023  to Monday 8th May 2023. Here is a summary of the celebration-filled weekend.

Saturday 6th May 2023 : The Coronation Service

The coronation ceremony will start off with a coronation service at Westminster Abbey. It is a religious festivity marked by pageantry and goodwill.

The King’s procession which includes The King and The Queen Consort will arrive at Westminster Abbey from Buckingham palace.

At the end of the service,  the King and his Queen Consort will return to Buckingham palace in company of other royal members of the family — known as “ The Coronation Procession”.

The procession will appear at the balcony at Buckingham palace to conclude the day’s events.

Sunday 7th May 2023: The Coronation Concert

On Sunday 7th May 2023, a coronation concert will be held at Windsor Castle. The concert will feature global music legends and contemporary icons who will serenade the audience in celebration of the coronation. World class orchestras will play renditions of musical favourites and celebrated dance performers will take the stage. The coronation choir will also make a special appearance.

This musical pomp and pageantry will be staged, produced and live broadcasted by the BBC and BBC studios. Attendees will  include volunteers from the King and the Queen Consort’s charity affiliations. The BBC will also hold a national ballot to select a thousand members of the public to receive a pair of free tickets for the concert.

The Coronation Big Lunch

On the same day, neighborhoods and communities across the United Kingdom will feast and make merry together at the Coronation Big Lunches. In the spirit of unity and humanity, friends, families, and neighbors will hold tea parties, street parties, and other mini festivities to celebrate the esteemed coronation.

A coronation big lunch is a great way to strengthen neighbourhood and communal bonds. The Big Lunch Team at the Eden Project will direct and conduct the lunch. Streets, gardens, and parks across the United Kingdom will be a beehive of festivities as people celebrate and feast in honour of their new monarch.

Monday 8th May 2023: The Big Help Out

On Monday 8th May 2023, the Big Help Out will take place. The Together Coalition alongside partners such as the Royal Voluntary Service, The Scouts, and a host of Faith Groups is organising it.

The Big Help Out brings to light the impact of volunteerism on communities across the country. In honour of His Majesty’s public service, the Big Help Out will call on people to volunteer and join the services targeted at helping local communities and areas across the United Kingdom.

The objective of this volunteering campaign is to unite communities and build an evergreen volunteering legacy from the Coronation festivities.

How to Celebrate the King’s Coronation from the Comfort of your Country

  1. Organize a Street Party

Street parties are a popular coronation event that requires minimal planning. However, to organize a street party, you must get permission from your local authorities. Invite your neighbors, friends, and family. Set up tables and chairs and provide entertainment of choice. Entertainment options can range from music to games.

You can do fundraising for the party and get your neighborhood involved. For decorations, hang British-inspired bunting from house to house or large British flags. Incorporate lots of fairy and festoon lights for illumination. Don’t forget helium balloons which can go on the back of chairs or marquees. Set up traditional and fancy meals to match the occasion.

  1. Have a Picnic or Tea Party

You can have an intimate picnic or tea party with your immediate family to celebrate the King’s coronation. Roll out a picnic blanket in your garden or patio ( if the weather permits) or set it up in your living room. Enjoy scrumptious finger foods, mouth-watering ice creams, and other snacks of your preference.

 If you can, include meals, snacks, drinks, and beverages that are native to Britain for the full experience. If you are having a picnic in your living room, you can turn on the Telly and enjoy some classic British movies.

  1. Play Dress Up

Dress-ups are a fun-tas-tic activity for kids and adults alike. Get the kids to don their best outfits per a set of rules. Red, white and blue should undoubtedly be the color code while the style should be gorgeously royal. Strut a makeshift runway in your prince and princesses-themed outfits or other renditions in red, white, and blue.

For good measure, dish out rewards and gifts for the best dressed! In a nutshell, play dress up and indulge in a pageantry show! You can do this in your living room, garden, patio, or anywhere in between!

  1. Bake up a Storm

If you enjoy baking or fancy a nourishing family activity, then take out your aprons and get baking! Baking is a refreshing and creative way to get in a festive mood. Bake a royal wedding-themed cake, coronation cupcakes, or red, white, and blue baked goods. Also, you can scour the internet for king’s coronation cake recipes.

You can make it competitive and task your kids, spouse, or friends to create a winning baked deliverable that will outshine everyone else’s. At the end of the baking activity, enjoy the goodies with tea or drinks.

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