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The family unit offers a unique perspective on the meaning of Quality Time, Support, Relationships & Safety

If there is one thing we all have in common, it is family. From when we were kids till adulthood and old age, we will always be a part of a family unit. The family has the most influence in our lives. Starting from childhood, children depend on both their parents and families for support and protection.

Family is often the first form of relationship anyone who experienced — your parents and loved ones are usually your first teachers and role models. And most children experience positive growth and development if they get all the necessary support from their families.

Providing support is just one out of many reasons why family is important. Let’s take a look at others.

What is the importance of family?

1. Family often set the stage for future relationships

As we mentioned earlier, the family is usually the first relationship we experience in life. Often, the kind of family one is born into will determine the type of family one will have because it often serves as a future relationship model.

Even though it’s not a conscious or deliberate act, people often chose their friends and partners based on shared traits between them — like family background and upbringing. Often, new relationships are formed from family dynamics.

2. Family serves as a support system

When you are down (either emotionally or financially) and have no one to turn to, family is always there to cheer you up and support you. You will agree that having a support system you can trust during a personal life crisis will go a long way to ease the stress and cheer you up.

3. Family provides affection and encouragement

Family is a source of love and encouragement whenever you need it. It isn’t easy to make friends or find purpose in adulthood, but if you have a strong family tie, you will always find all the encouragement you need to forge ahead in life. Family can provide you with all the motivation and courage you need to succeed.

However, people who have little or no connection to their family will likely feel alone, left out, and tend to get depressed and feel hopelessness sets in.

4. Family gives you a sense of belonging

Individuals who hail from traditional families have a strong sense of belonging. Members of families that share their history (their triumph and hardships) and connect often have a great sense of belonging. And the members always feel they are a part of something big and grand.

5. People raised in a healthy develop healthier relationships in life

According to research findings, people who come from a close-knit family enjoy a close family in the future. In 2016, a study by psychological science revealed that males who grow up in warm and nurturing families often have stronger relationships than men who hail from “unhealthy” families.

Also, men from loving and caring families are reported to better manage their emotions and maintain a closer bond with their partners. Other importance of having a healthy family includes boosting academic performance, learning values and life lessons, and improving mental health or wellbeing.

Regarding mental wellbeing, it may interest you to know that having a strong family bond or a close-knit one, as we described earlier, can help improve an individual’s mental wellbeing.

A recent study showed that people who come from happy homes or have strong family support are less likely to have symptoms of mental health challenges such as depression. On the other hand, negative family relationships were found to increase the chances of mental health problems.

This brings us to the million-dollar question;

What are the effects of family life on wellbeing?

Families are indeed one of the best things in life. They offer protection, model good values, meet its members’ needs, and cheer us up whenever we are down. Whether you are from a large family or a small one, you can always find support and draw strength from them to overcome life’s challenges.

Earlier, we mentioned that family gives you a sense of belonging, provides protection, cheer you up with affection and encouragement, and meets children’s needs.

However, we didn’t talk much about family providing financial support. Besides providing basic needs such as shelter, water, and food, having a healthy family life can be a life-saver if you have financial problems.

Family can provide financial security for its members

A healthy and functioning family can provide financial security for its members. At the very least, every working member can spare a part of their earnings to help the family meet its basic needs. In addition to contributing to meet the family needs, family members can also combine resources to pay bills and cater to other financial obligations.

More on the effects of family life and wellbeing

Regarding wellbeing, the family also serves as a support system for its members. Being a part of a family comes with abundant joy, and not everybody gets to experience that.

If one has a healthy family life, the chances are that you will have a balanced and happy life. Considering that everybody experiences hard times, having a supportive family will always have each other’s back.

Also, when a family member is under stress and is on the verge of succumbing to pressure, the family members usually spot the symptoms because they are closer.

While people tend to keep their problems away from outsiders, they often open up to their family members. Family members show a great sense of understanding, and they offer unconditional love and support even when one’s actions go against family ethics. The family will always be there for you.

Still on the effect of family life on your wellbeing.

The family also supports one whenever they have medical problems. Take, for instance, children enjoy greater health benefits when they live in a healthy family. The family provides food and prompt medical attention whenever the need arises. The health benefits of belonging to a family also extend to parents.

According to research, people who spend time with their children or children from other family members tend to live longer and healthier compared to their childless counterparts.

We are rounding off!

Rounding off on how families improve the wellbeing of individuals, research has also shown that children who spend much time living with their biological parents experience better wellbeing compared to kids living in a different family setting.

Kids who spend much time with their parents are also less likely to suffer less emotional distress. And they enjoy more economic security too.

Another effect of family life on wellbeing is that having family ties has been proven to help relieve stress and alleviate anxiety symptoms by boosting an individual’s self-esteem.

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