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DIY out of fashion – here’s why Gen-Z will hire more home services

Once upon a time, home services were a far-fetched dream! And when it gained prominence, it was a luxury that only the uber-rich could attain. Today, a certain age demographic has embraced home services with open arms and has demystified the earlier narratives.

These individuals are called the Millennials, which also refers to those born between the 80s and mid-90s. Keep reading to learn why millennials are immensely open to the idea of home services.

Millennials and Home Services

For most millennials, cleaning, doing laundry, and taking care of kids and pets among other housekeeping duties was a major part of their routine. But they soon realised that these chores were taking huge chunks out of their time and lives. Hence, they are no longer conditioned to do these tasks at the expense of their health and time. Rather than find time within their tight schedules to attend to these chores, they use home service providers.

But why do they trust professional house service providers to do these tasks? Is it about taking the easy way out or there is more to the trend than meets the eye? Why budget their hard-earned money to hire professionals for seemingly simple tasks? Why don’t we find out?

Millennials are Super-busy

Let’s face it, millennials aren’t the most time-observant people and always struggle to get their tasks done. Due to poor time management, it is a challenge for millennials to juggle their corporate jobs and personal tasks. A millennial is so busy that getting a haircut from the next street is nearly impossible. They hoard piles of laundry because they can’t find the time to load the washing machine. Millennials might leave their home in an utter state of chaos for a week until the weekend; and when the weekend finally rolls around, they do a poor job of restoring the home to order because they are bone-tired. Millennials work very hard to keep their bank accounts well-fed.

Sometimes, they take on extra jobs or side hustles to keep the cash coming. But thanks to technology, they now have access to a variety of apps including the House Service App that makes time and task management a piece of cake. Millennials strive to improve their life quality; hence they leverage home service providers to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance. By outsourcing the simpler tasks, they get free time from their endless to-do lists, to catch up with the finer things of life!

Professional Home Service Providers are no Longer a Luxury

In the not-so-distant past, you’d have to be filthy rich to afford house service providers like maids, gardeners, companion caregivers and babysitters. You’d have to be a celebrity or an elite to hire a home service hairdresser or seamstress.

Today, these domestic services are not limited to wealthy individuals and societal elites. These services are now widespread and thus affordable. You only have to budget minimal cash to hire a professional and reliable home service provider from a House Service App. It is as easy as ABC and as affordable as can be!

Millennials are Technology-driven

The modern-day millennial appreciates the ease of technology. Their lives revolve around technology-driven smart apps; from the food they eat to the clothes they wear, to the cars they drive, everything is laced with technology. And House Service Apps are not an exclusion. Unlike the past where home service providers weren’t just a luxury but were hard to reach as well, technology has made things easier today.

With the click or tap of a button, you can hire a credible home service provider. Millennials capitalize on mobile devices to manage their jobs, personal lives and their homes. The sharing economy also plays a major role here; online marketplaces give easy access to lifestyle essentials via smartphone apps and a plethora of websites. Hence, millennials can book home service providers in a flash by swiping or tapping their screens. How amazing!

Redefined Gender Roles

There was a time when women were expected to stay at home and tend to the cleaning and kids. But as time and seasons progressed, a generation was born that discarded these ideals. Millennials don’t subscribe to archaic gender roles. They are a civilized generation that believes in both genders working to earn income for the family. Hence, both partners work to put food on the table. As such, there’s no one left to cater to domestic needs.

Owing to this development, millennials remedy the lack of domestic care by hiring house service providers to take care of the home front. Parents who work 9-5 jobs hire babysitters to take care of their kids while they are away. Even those who work remotely or from home, use home service providers so they can focus on their jobs. And when they are not busy working, they regain lost time by spending quality time with their loved ones or indulging in self-care.

Compact Spaces are Messier

While past generations enjoyed grand mansions and castles, millennials favour smaller compact spaces. This is largely due to the rising cost of real estate and the burden of maintaining overly spacious homes. The bigger the space, the more hands are needed to clean and maintain it. However, there is a downside to compact spaces; they get messed up easily because there’s minimal storage space. However, a home service maid can professionally maintain a small space better than a millennial would.

Some millennials also share living spaces with their friends, colleagues and love interests. Hence, there is the issue of collective mess and disagreements over who cleans what and who cleans when! In this case, a home service maid is to the rescue. He or she will ensure that the living space is pristine at all times without disagreements ensuing between the cohabitants. And of course, you can split the cost to cut down the expense!

The Final Words

Millennials are hiring house service providers because they are too busy to uphold home and personal care responsibilities. Plus, they are a technology-driven lot with easy access to House Service Apps and the internet. And they do not subscribe to archaic ideals that conditioned women to home care.

Rather, they believe in the power of home service providers to handle domestic care. Millennials are progressive individuals who work very hard but value self-care. Thus, they use house service providers to achieve the ideal work-life balance!

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