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Hire a Seamstress in the comfort of your own home and schedule for that special outfit

You might not know this, but shopping for your wedding dress is much easier than finding someone to modify and alter the dress to your taste! Wedding dress shopping is undeniably tasking, but getting the right person to re-define the said dress is much more demanding. However, House service or home-based professional seamstresses are to the rescue!

Who is a Seamstress?

A seamstress is a person who constructs, modifies, and designs different types of clothing articles from different fabrics, patterns and styles. A seamstress is an expert in taking measurements, cutting fabrics, making adjustments, creating a garment and incorporating embellishments on a sewn cloth. Seamstresses sew by hand or use a sewing machine.

Is a Seamstress a Tailor?

Though their roles overlap, there is a fine distinction between a seamstress and a tailor. A tailor is a professional who specialises in garment construction and alteration. Like a couturier, tailors evaluate the measurements of a garment or clothing item and customise the cloth to tally with the customer’s specific body measurements.

Tailors are good at altering different clothing articles including gowns, suits, tuxedos, jackets, dresses and what have you. Though tailors are often knowledgeable about garment creation, their area of expertise is altering already-sewn pieces to create bespoke items. Tailors interact with customers, mend damages, adjust hemlines and sew clothing articles.

A seamstress on the other hand as “a master of sewing”. They specialise in different areas of garment creation, enhancement and modification including hand-beading, handbag making, wedding gown construction, textile manufacturing, embroidery and costume design.

The Benefits of Using a Seamstress for your Special day

You can choose to buy an already-made wedding dress or go the bespoke way; either way, you need a seamstress. Here are some advantages of hiring a seamstress for your big day:

  1. It is a convenient service

Brides and stress shouldn’t be in the same sentence. You need to stay healthy and refreshed before your big day. Thus, you must avoid any and all forms of stress including strenuous services.

You can use the House Service App to book a seamstress before your big day from the comfort of your home. A home service seamstress is convenient, practical and cost-effective. You don’t have to wait hours on end to consult a seamstress or spend meaningless effort combing local stores for a qualified seamstress.

  1. Styles your Wedding Dress to Taste

Whether you hire a house service seamstress to make your wedding dress from scratch or to modify the dress, you are sure to get a satisfactory result. Buying an already-made wedding gown comes with a few disadvantages. One such disadvantage is sizing and design. You may have a particular design in mind for your desired wedding dress, but may not find that exact design in all the bridal stores you visit.

That means you might have to settle for a dress that isn’t exclusively to your taste. The good thing is that you can hire a seamstress to alter the design of the dress so it can meet your preference. Also, bridal stores may not offer your exact size, which means you’d have to resize the dress to conform to your body size and shape. A home service seamstress can help you do this.

  1. They are Versatile

As earlier mentioned, professional seamstresses specialise in different fields of sewing. They are versatile, so no matter you’re styling and sewing requirements, they have the expertise to offer. All you have to do is give them a brief and they will deliver!

They can incorporate embroidery into your dress, sew pieces from scratch, mend damages, alter the construction and structure of the gown to meet your taste and re-size your bridal gown for a form-fitting look. You get an all-in-one package as opposed to hiring different sewing specialists to bring your dream wedding dress to fruition.

  1. Extend Services to Family and Friends

You need a seamstress to attend to your wedding entourage. These include your siblings, parents, friends, bridesmaids and all the key players in your wedding. You want your entourage looking their ultimate best and not otherwise.

Hire a house service seamstress via the House Service App to sew beautiful dresses for your bridal team or modify their existing dresses. Your team will appreciate the gesture and will sing your praises forever.

  1. They are Great Emergency Stylists

Sometimes, wedding dresses get damaged without notice or brides unexpectedly add or lose weight. In cases like this, you might not have the time or convenience to return the dress to the store for repair or adjustments.

Fortunately, you can quickly hire a house service seamstress. The seamstress will meet you at the location of your choice and get to work immediately. You don’t have to panic or buy a new dress, as they will save the day. The House Service App provides on-demand seamstresses that help alleviate potentially disastrous bridal situations!

Quick Tips for Hiring a Seamstress

  • Consider Experience — You should only hire a seamstress that has experience sewing or modifying wedding gowns. Sometimes one seamstress may have expertise with certain articles of clothing while another might be good with wedding gowns.
  • Always Seek Opinions — For professional reasons, home service seamstresses may not proffer unsolicited opinions. So, if there’s something related to the wedding gown that you are not sure about, do not hesitate to seek the seamstress’s wise counsel.
  • Be Clear — Give detailed and specific instructions to avoid miscommunication. If you don’t clarify your specifications for the job, the seamstress might deliver below expectations. As such, it is best to be very clear about what you want from the get-go.
  • Check Online Reviews — The last thing you want is to hire the wrong seamstress for your big day. There are lots of seamstresses out there claiming various qualifications. If you are not hiring via a trusted House Service App, be sure to check online reviews to ascertain the seamstress’s track record and qualifications. However, it is always best to hire home service seamstresses from a reliable House Service App.

In a Nutshell

A home service seamstress is necessary for perfect-fitting and gorgeous wedding gowns and dresses. It is a convenient and stress-free service that also spares costs. Hiring a seamstress for your big day will relieve you of unnecessary stress. They also come in handy when you need an emergency modification or repair. That being said, hire a seasoned seamstress today and thank us later!

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