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Adequate sleep and rest reduce tiredness, lift your spirit and allow you to age more gracefully

The chances are that you have heard (either directly or indirectly) about the proverbial beauty sleep. It’s not unusual to hear people talk about the age-old advice of getting beauty sleep.

You have probably wondered, is there any such thing as beauty sleep and can sleeping make you more beautiful?

To answer your question, we did our research, and we made an exciting find. We will touch on what makes people attractive, is there any scientific evidence to beauty sleep, how quality sleep repairs the body and whether sleep makes everyone prettier. So, make yourself comfortable and read on!

What makes people attractive?

The question, what makes people attractive will always get different opinions and answers but whether sleep can make anyone more attractive and beautiful is relative to what people regard as beauty.

You will agree that the definition of beauty varies with culture and personal preferences, and there is more to beauty than meets the eyes than physical attractiveness such as smooth skin, full lips, and thick lashes.

However, one cannot discuss physical beauty without mentioning biological factors. Think about it: what are the selling points of beauty products?

Beauty products leverage physical beauty and most beauty products promise to help you accomplish younger looks. Other medical treatments promise to make you look healthier and less tired.

Let take a closer look at these offers.

Make you look younger

According to a recent cross-cultural study, it was found that facial contrasts such as brows, lips, lashes and eyes are an indicator for age regardless of an individual’s ethnicity. Biologically, all the features that show facial contrast, such as fuller eyebrows and fewer wrinkles can also make you look younger and more attractive.

The fact that couples still find themselves attractive many years after their brows have left them is a sign that beauty is relative to facial contrast. So, if you can control your physical beauty, you are sure to be more attractive.

While having a quality night rest or sleep won’t change the colour of grey hair, it has been proven to have other health benefits like making you look younger. And we will talk more on that later on in this article.

Make you look healthier

The chances are that you have come across beauty products and treatments that offer to reduce and fade off blemishes, acne and acne scars. While all of these could be a symptom of underlying illnesses or stress, they could very well be a sign that you are not sleeping right — Which often leads to stress.

Recently, reports from New Zealand studies showed that the more stress a woman undergoes, the less physically attractive people would find her. What does this tell you?

Research has also shown that having enough rest and getting quality sleep can reduce stress and is beneficial in enhancing skincare — which is an essential aspect of beauty.

Make you look less tired

Whenever people look at you and say “you look tired”, most times, what they are alluding to is that you are not getting enough rest and this is where beauty sleep comes in.

According to a post by NBC news, people look less attractive when they are stressed and are looking tired because stress makes you look sick. Some popular indicator or signs of tiredness includes but not limited to puffy eye bags and increased stress. Not only is increased stress unhealthy, but it also accelerates the ageing process.

To help you understand how lack of rest can affect you, think about the number of under eye colour you have had to mask after a long period of studying, partying or any other activity you were occupied with instead of sleeping.

If you are grappling with stress, fines lines, acne and other skin problems that make you feel unattractive and is causing you to spend a fortune on beauty products and treatments, you should consider getting enough sleep.

Does Quality sleep repair the body?

It’s no longer news that the body needs at least six to eight hours of sleep to repair worn out tissues. However, to enjoy the regenerative benefits of sleep, one has to sleep at the right time.

According to the book “why we sleep”, he noted that sleep is almost indistinguishable from the circadian rhythm. As such, if you are a “night owl”, the type that doesn’t go to bed early, the chances are that you will miss it regardless of whether you get a full eight hours sleep or more.

So, if you can get eight hours of sleep at the right time, you stand a better chance of striking a balance between the long-wave and REM periods — both of which plays a role in gaining the restorative properties of sleep. Of course, with the short-wave period still very much in the picture.

To answer whether sleep/rest can repair the body, the answer is yes. However, in as much as an afternoon nap could refresh your hormones and tighten your skin, for sleep to be adequate, it has to be done at the right time.

What are the beauty benefits of getting quality sleep?

Besides making your skin plumper and amazing wrinkles less visible through collagen production, other benefits of getting quality sleep include a drop in blood pressure, your body get to repair itself, and your energy gets restored.

Quality sleep also affects the production and regulation of hormones which impacts muscle development and stress hormones.

According to the American Psychological Association, poor sleep quality can result in tissue inflammation — which implies that long hours of quality sleep can improve beauty.

Recall that beauty is often judged by physical appearance and looking ill is a major turn off. So, if you are coming out from the flu, recovering from a cold or treating sunburn, getting quality sleep can help with recovery and improve your looks.

Before we dive into the signs that you are getting enough rest, you should have it in mind that quality sleep can help with physical healing.

What are the signs of the well-rested?

How often do you turn to catch a glimpse of a beautiful person, and you can’t put a finger on what they are doing differently?

It could be that you are picking up on cues that they are well-rested. While it’s almost impossible to tell what one is going through in life from their looks, one can tell if someone is getting quality sleep.

Here are signs of the well-rested

  • Less puffy eyes
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Fewer dark circles
  • Glowing complexion
  • Feeling if being energized

In conclusion

While an average woman spends a fortune on cosmetics and considering the fact that a third of that amount goes to trying to combat the effect of poor sleep, it is a delight to let you know that quality sleep can enhance physical attractiveness. You don’t have to spend a penny.

How to maximise seven to eight hours of sleep to enhance beauty

To make the most of quality sleep, especially to give your skin a youthful look and make it healthier, you should consider using overnight moisturizers and wash your face before bedtime. Use beauty products at night (preferably those with vitamin C and Vitamin A to rev up collagen production), opt for high-thread-count cotton sheets, place a humidifier on your bed stand and try as much as possible to sleep on your back.

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