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So the Wedding Bells Ring, it’s time to get married! But what about all the wedding preparation beforehand?

Planning a wedding isn’t a piece of cake! It is a herculean task that demands meticulous time and effort. Your wedding plan can either go your way or south depending on the vendors you work with.

Competent and hands-on vendors will bring your dream wedding to life while the wrong vendors can make your special day a nightmare. Thus, it is important to book and hire trustworthy professionals with a sterling reputation. But where do you start from?

The Order of Priority

The most successful weddings are considered the “order of priority”. This means you have to evaluate and sift through your wedding priorities and plan accordingly. If you have your eyes on a particular photographer, you might want to book the photographer ASAP before considering catering and even your wedding dress.

Supposing you are having your wedding in a specific location where rentals are in high demand, you’d have to act fast before thinking of anything else. It will be foolhardy to focus on entertainment while the venue of your dreams slips out of your grasp!

But creating and working with a priority list is easier said than done. Fortunately, you can leverage home-based services to minimise the challenge. You can use a House Service App to book more than one professional vendor at a time. By using house service professionals, you can get your beauty sleep and keep stress at bay. A stressed bride is an unhappy bride but a well-rested bride glows with joy.

The Wedding Entourage Made Easy

There is a myriad of services you can enlist using the House Service App. House service makes life easier for you, your spouse and your families by a large margin. You don’t have to worry about last-minute errands or forgotten details. That said, here is a list of services you can book via the House Service App:

Event Planner

While you can plan and manage your wedding event yourself, it is a task worth outsourcing. A good wedding planner ensures you have the perfect wedding without an iota of stress. Now here’s the thing; you shouldn’t book a wedding planner after your engagement ceremony! The moment you and your husband-to-be decide on a date, you should hire a seasoned wedding expert immediately.

A professional guarantees a seamless wedding experience and facilitates the smooth operation of all the vendors involved. They may also recommend some noteworthy vendors or help you hire those vendors that are always out of reach (high-demand vendors).  With a wedding planner, you can rest easy knowing that your big day is in good hands. And the best part? You can hire the best event planners from the comfort of your home using the House Service App.


In the past, hairdressers and other beauty services were considered an afterthought. But today’s brides and weddings have reaffirmed the importance of hairdressers in a wedding plan. The 21st-century bride adores her hair and understands that it is an integral part of her overall look.

You also need to make sure that everyone in your wedding party has their hair covered (your mum, siblings, friends and the groom). You should find a hairstylist in advance to avoid colossal disappointment. Plus, you have to schedule a hair styling trial before the main event. So, using house service makes all of these a walk in the park.


What’s a wedding party without beautiful blossoms! Gone are the days when wedding bouquets were last-minute details. Nowadays, couples hire a florist from about a year to six months before D-day. But before meeting a florist, you must have figured out your venue, wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses and colour palette.

These factors will help your florist curate a bouquet that reflects your wedding theme. It is also wise to consult a florist around the season your wedding is set to take place, so you’d have an idea of the blooms in season. The last thing you want is to find out that your desired blooms are out of season — This can monumentally affect your wedding aesthetics!

Fitness Trainer

You want to make sure your body is as fit as a fiddle before your big day. Plus, it will be a great setback if you become several sizes too big or too small for your already-tailored wedding dress. Hence, you need the services of a professional fitness trainer to help you stay on track (body-wise).

Aside from physical training and body-development exercises, a seasoned trainer may also offer nutritional tips, advice and guide to help your weight gain, loss or maintenance journey (as the case may be). The good thing is, that you don’t have to endlessly scout gyms and the internet for a certified fitness trainer — simply download the House Service App and hire a seasoned fitness trainer in a heartbeat.

Makeup Artist

Booking a makeup artist in advance should be at the top of your wedding plans. It is essential to look good and well-put-together on your wedding day. And you can only achieve that by working with the right beauty service. While there are tons of makeup artists out there, few are reliable and competent.

There have been cases of beauty service providers cancelling at the last minute or showing up much later than scheduled. You don’t want your makeup artist delaying your wedding program, so it is imperative to hire the right person for the job. Thankfully, House Service App connects you with professional and reliable makeup artists and nothing less.

Photographers and Videographers

Your wedding memories are uber important and should be preserved for eternity. This is where a photographer and videographer come in. They preserve all those special moments and help you relive them. Wedding photographers and videographers often have a strict calendar. This means that if you don’t book them in advance, you stand to lose their service.

House Service App makes it easy to book some of the best wedding photographers and videographers in advance. These professionals are in high demand, but with house service, you can be a thousand steps ahead of the crowd!

The Bottom Line

Every bride deserves the best wedding entourage — from hair and beauty stylists to photographers to florists to event planners to fitness trainers to cake decorators to caterers! Having the best hands on your team makes your big day super beautiful and stress-free.

House Service App is the hub of home services that helps you get your life together!

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