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Having a well-maintained and beautiful garden or yard by a gardener is a source of happiness and peace for most homeowners. However maintaining the “garden of your dreams” demands time, effort and expertise — three factors that may elude you.

Unless of course, you are a professional gardener, consider hiring a home service gardener or landscaper to maintain a stunning outdoor space without hassle. We’ve culled the top most convincing reasons that necessitate the services of a professional gardener or landscaper.

Top Reasons for Hiring a Gardener or Landscaper

A Gardener Will Save Your Time

Gardens are beautiful, yes, but they take a ton of time to beautify and maintain. From pruning to watering to fertilizing to weeding to mowing, taking absolute care of your garden is time-consuming and demanding. Except you have lots of time to spare, a professional house service gardener should be a priority.

With a gardener at hand, you can go to work and come home to an exotic garden or have time to pursue other interests and tasks. So if you are busy as a bee or aren’t invested in gardening, hire a gardener or landscaper to save your time and do the heavy lifting.

Gardeners have the Expertise and Experience that you don’t

Gardening and landscaping aren’t child’s play! Even if you are passionate about the act and have a ton of books to consult, you still can’t beat the expertise of a professional gardener or landscaper. Seasoned gardeners are extensively trained in the art of gardening and have both basic, fundamental and complex knowledge of the practice. Not to mention years of work experience under their belt!

If you are just a passionate home gardener, you might not know what the accurate soil degree pH is or what plants are poisonous or not. And chances are there is a plant you’ve been struggling to grow or a stubborn weed that has defeated all your tactics, so consider enlisting professional help to tackle the intricate details. You can also work side by side with a home service gardener and learn from them.

They Have the Tools and Equipment

Some gardening tools and equipment cost a fortune and may be above your budget. In fact , most homeowners only have basic gardening tools such as shears, a hoe, a rake and a watering can. To be frank, these tools will only scratch the surface and will not deliver a vogue-worthy garden or outdoor space.

If you want a luxurious garden or the sorts you see on a magazine spread, you need to buy the right tools and equipment or hire someone who has them. And believe it or not, it is more cost-effective to hire a professional than buy expensive gardening tools and equipment.

Increases Property Value

A well-maintained, gorgeous garden can significantly increase the value of your property.  Professional house service gardeners or landscapers can help improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space without compromising the design and architecture of your property.

So if you are to sell your house in the future, your garden or outdoor area will add more zeros to the price. Plus, you will attract more potential buyers than property listings without an aesthetically-pleasing and well-cultivated garden. Thus, hiring a professional gardener or landscaper is an investment that is worth its weight in gold.

It is Cost-effective

As earlier mentioned, it is more cost-effective to hire a professional home service gardener or landscaper than to do the gardening yourself. Though this might sound counterintuitive, it can save you money in the long run. Plus hiring a gardener or landscaper isn’t as expensive as you might have assumed, especially when you hire from credible sites like the House Service App.

Professionals have the tools, time, equipment and expertise to cultivate and nurture your garden. As such, they can identify and address major problems before they take root and cause severe damage. Hence, you won’t have to spend unnecessary money on repairs and replacements.

Create a Safe Space for Children and the Elderly

Overgrown gardens or those brimming with weeds, thorns, poisonous plants and dangerous bugs are undoubtedly unsafe for the vulnerable members of your family. Children and elderly adults may not have the wherewithal to avoid the dangers associated with an ill-maintained garden, yard or outdoor space.

However, a professional home service gardener can identify and deal with elements that are not safe for children and elderly adults. Besides maintaining the garden, they can eliminate certain things such as large structures to make the garden more child-friendly. They can also recommend safety practices for the benefit of everyone in the family, including the vulnerable.

Introduces sustainable and Eco-friendly Practices

Recently, there has been more awareness of climate and environmental health and everyone is advised to imbibe practices that support climate health. Gardening and landscaping have a lot to do with the environment and can make or mar the ecosystem depending on the practices adopted. Seasoned house service gardeners and landscapers typically comply with eco standards.

They adopt environmentally-compliant pesticides and fertilizers, install rainwater harvesting systems, and introduce native species to minimize water usage and promote biodiversity. Hence, you will not only get a visually-appealing outdoor space but one that contributes to a healthy ecosystem.

Provide Year-round Maintenance and are Available All Seasons

As much as you like gardening, certain weather conditions can make the task gruelling and hinder productivity. The weather aside, there might be times you are not just in the mood to tend to your yard or garden. And maintaining a garden requires year-round attention. All of these factors combined make hiring a professional gardener or landscaper a necessity.

No matter the weather or season, a contracted professional will brave hail or storm to ensure that your garden or outdoor space is in tip-top condition. Remember, they have the training and experience and can work efficiently in all conditions.

Offers and Enables Customisation

No two gardens or outdoor spaces are alike! And this is mostly because of individual preferences. What may appeal to your neighbour might not appeal to you. So if you have a specific design or specifications in mind, you can work with a professional garden or landscaper to bring it to life.

Be it a lush, luxurious garden, unlike anything ever cultivated or a low-maintenance space with understated beauty, a professional can help you achieve your wishes. You can trade ideas and suggestions to create the outdoor space you desire that is unique to you.

Takes the Stress off Your Shoulders

While maintaining a garden or an outdoor space is a fulfilling and enjoyable activity, it can be a source of stress if you are not meeting the standard. There is considerable guilt and unhappiness that comes with leaving your garden to wither because of factors beyond your control. You may even over-exert yourself to satisfy your guilt or conscience which only contributes to more physical and emotional stress.

So if you are languishing in unhappiness at the state of your garden but can’t do enough to make a difference, hire a professional house service gardener or landscaper and take the stress off your shoulders. You wouldn’t have to worry about the condition of your garden and can enjoy the benefits instead!

Services a Gardener or Landscaper Offers

It is important to acclimatize yourself to the services a gardener or landscaper offers before hiring one. Here are some of the common services that you can expect from a professional gardener or landscaper:

Garden Design —  Gardeners can help you design an outdoor space that suits your preferences and needs. They can also help you choose plants, flowers and trees that are appropriate for your local weather and soil.

Planting and Pruning — one of the basic duties of a gardener is to help you plant and prune. They help plant fruits, trees, plants and flowers per soil, light and water requirements. Subsequently, they prune the planted things to promote healthy growth and maintain good shape.

Hardscaping Hardscaping includes non-plant elements found in outdoor spaces such as patios, pathways, walls and water systems. Gardeners and landscapers can help you design and maintain hardscaping elements.

Lawn care —  Maintaining the lawn is easier said than done. A gardener can help keep your lawn in pristine condition through regular mowing, pest control, watering, and fertilizer application amongst other services.

Soil Conditioning — Plants need optimum soil conditions to grow and thrive. A seasoned gardener can test your soil to identify its pH level, nutrient composition and other parameters.

Mulching —  Mulching keeps your outdoor space looking polished by controlling weed growth and promoting soil moisture retention. A gardener or landscaper will help apply mulch perfectly to your garden beds.

Irrigation Systems —  A professional home service gardener or landscaper can help install and maintain irrigation systems and ensure that your plants get sufficient water. You can also consult them for water conservation practices.

Hire a Gardener or a Landscaper

All things considered, hiring a professional house service gardener has several benefits. It is the best course of action to take if you want a polished, customized and well-maintained garden or outdoor space. Wondering where to find a seasoned gardener or landscaper? Download the House Service App!

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