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Starting a small business is a feat worth a thousand accolades! But while you are getting pats on the back, you still need to tackle the structural and organisational elements of the business. Thankfully, our service providers are just a click away!

A list of Service Providers for your Small Business

Most small businesses, irrespective of the niche, rely on these service providers to set up their physical or online business:

Personal Assistants

Every business has its share of administrative obligations! And because you can’t manage your small business without assistance, it is necessary to hire a personal assistant. Today, virtual or house service assistants are commonplace.  You will especially need a virtual assistant if you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur working out of a home office.

An assistant will manage all your administrative chores, such as mail and inbox management, social media management, appointments and schedules, bookings, and customer service, among other duties. Enlisting the services of a personal assistant from House Service App is cost-effective and seamless. The app lays the foundation for healthy service provider-to-client relationships with set rules and organised working systems. Rest assured, you will enjoy a stress-free and functional working experience at a reasonable price point.

Cleaning Services

A clean and clutter-free working environment nourishes productivity.  From set up to maintenance, cleaning services are a necessity.  A cleaner will ensure that your new or existing space is spotless and well-organized. You should hire home service cleaners as soon as you get the desired space for your small business. 

Chances are the new location will need a deep cleaning to eliminate dust, dirt, germs and other unpleasant detritus. And when you start operations, you will also need a dedicated cleaner or cleaning team to maintain the space. When your office, shop or restaurant is clean, you and your employees (if any) will be better motivated to work hard and get results! And your target customers will reward you with long-term patronage.

Interior Designers

If you are setting up a cafe, jewelry store, boutique or even a corporate space, you should hire a house service interior designer to work some magic! Looking good, they say, is good business! Your workplace’s aesthetics or design elements reflect your values and lures customers. People appreciate a beautifully decorated space and will feel at ease conducting business with you.

Well-thought-out aesthetics combined with excellent service will help expand your consumer base and generate good revenue for your small business. Thus, a home service interior designer is an investment that promises superior returns. Your clients and customers aside, you will also benefit from a refreshing space.  So even if you operate a virtual business, consider hiring an interior designer to craft a work-oriented space for you.


Whether you run a gardening business, a garden-related business or have a garden on your business property (e.g restaurants and the like), you should hire a home service gardener. A professional gardener will help install and maintain flowers, trees and plants. He or she will trim trees and shrubs, water and feed plants, mow the lawn, weed the garden, and generally maintain the landscape of your property. You and your employees already have a lot on your plates; so maintaining greenery will be the last thing on your minds.

However, leaving your land unattended can breed unwanted plants and pests. Plus, it will make the wrong impressions on your clientele. That said, you should hire a gardener from the House Service App as you launch your business. If you run a gardening-focused business, a hired gardener can serve as an extra hand to get the business off the ground.

Window Cleaners

Dirty windows are a major turn off for most customers, especially those that patronize restaurants, boutiques and other display-targeted stores.  Though you or your employees can clean the windows yourself, you may not have the time or lack the expertise to do a quality job. Window cleaning is guided by techniques and requires special tools and cleaning agents.

Proper cleaning will earn the approval of your target audience, showcase your business in the best light, enhance curb appeal and elongate the lifespan of your window. As such, it is best to hire professionals to clean your restaurant or shop windows when setting up your business (consider timely maintenance as well) The good news is, you can find expert window cleaners on the House Service App at affordable rates.

Event Planners

Want to launch your business in a memorable way? Hire an event planner ASAP! In a world where celebrations and marketing go hand in hand, you might have considered opening your new store or business with a bang. But organizing a memorable and marketing-targeted launch is easier said than done, and this is where a practiced event planner comes in.

They will work with you to create the launch theme and ensure that all elements come together for a successful event. Common ideas include pop-up sales, fundraisers, publicity stunts, a retro-themed dinner, a local artist showcase, poker runs and a bunch of others. With an experienced event planner on your side, you will start your business on a good note!

Plumbing Services

Plumbers are in high demand and for good reason! There are piping systems to be installed, maintained, or repaired. Your kitchen drains might be blocked or your faucet may be leaking. Whatever the case, you will most likely need a home service plumber to retouch the plumbing systems of your new space. 

A faulty system is incredibly bad for business and can mark your productivity. Even in the absence of obvious plumbing defaults, you should hire one to ensure that everything is as it seems. You can’t completely trust the plumbing system of a property (unless you build it from scratch or have a surefire guarantee from the owner), lest you wake up to a flood in your workspace!

The Takeaway

At House Service App, we have a platter of service providers that guarantee a seamless business set-up. From personal assistants to cleaners to event planners to interior decorators to window cleaners, your small business will start off on the right foot. Don’t leave your business to chance, hire the right professionals today!

House Service App is the hub of home services that helps you get your life together!

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