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The best flowers for every season

Whether you are a floral enthusiast, an eager bride-to-be or a simply curious person, it pays to know what flowers are in season. For one, knowing the flowers that bloom at a particular period is cost-effective. Because in-season flowers are typically more affordable than out-of-season flowers. So, sit back, relax and take this crash course on seasonal flowers!

Flowers and Seasons

Flowers have a designated time to bloom and thrive. Unlike some plants that exist all year round, most flowers have a life cycle. You can hire a home service florist to help you work out the details for your flower needs and arrangement.

But before that, you should make the florist’s job easier by equipping yourself with the basics — which translates to identifying seasonal flowers. Besides if you know which flowers are in bloom, you’d know when to enlist a florist for your wedding or other needs. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are nothing short of spectacular. They are “blooms” that stem from bulbs that were planted in the fall. Spring is a breath of fresh air after a not-so-thrilling snowy climate. The sight of a bright and blooming spring flower is one of the simpler pleasures of life. Flowers that thrive best in spring include:

Garden Roses

As far as fragrant spring flowers are concerned, garden roses are top on the list. They burst out in an array of exotic colours, from cotton-candy shades to peach-bellini sherbet. You can also replace your beloved peonies with garden flowers and you won’t feel the difference!


Lilacs are a vision in purple and white! They bear romantic notes and are as luscious as can be. A lilac flower is a perfume in itself and they are oh-so-bouncy. If you are looking for the perfect flowers to complement your spring wedding, lilacs are your best bet.


An early spring flower that banishes the gloom of winter, daffodils are a delightful bunch. Typically found in white and yellow colours, these single-stem flowers exude a sunny aura that is second to none. They also complement other spring varieties like ranunculus and roses.

Lily of the Valley

An ultimate spring stunner, the lily of the valley is a luxurious flower that is worth its weight in gold. With their signature bell-shaped blossoms, they paint a delicate and elegant picture. The small white blooms are a sight for sore eyes. Lily of the valley is classy, contemporary and a statement-maker!


Translated to mean “perfect love”, tulips are indeed sensational. They are the perfect bridal blooms offering a platter of vibrant colours — whatever the theme of your spring wedding, décor or event, there’s a colour for you.


Ranunculi is as colourful and decadent as the name. These heat-tolerant blooms come in so many colours that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. It is bold, ruffly and of course expensive. But if you can spare the cash, they are worth the pretty penny!


Summer flowers are bright and sunny. However, if you are transporting them beyond the garden, you’d have to find means to keep them adequately hydrated. Let’s take a look at some vibrant summer blooms.


Bathed in a soft-blue colour, these long-stemmed flowers make the perfect bouquet. They are as pretty as they are functional; you can use these to attain structure in a bouquet arrangement. Though they don’t come cheap, a little goes a long way.


Hydrangeas are quite popular and are usually sought-after. They feature full-bodied captivating blooms with gorgeous fluff. You get both multi-coloured and single-toned varieties in colours like blue, pink, white, purple and green.


Adorned in eye-catching and cascading pastels, clematis is a sight for sore eyes. They are nowhere near cheap, but the enrapturing purple, pink and mauve tones will make you want to spend your life savings!


If you are looking for sparkly sunny flowers, poppies are a fantastic choice. The light tissue-like petals will have you falling in love at first sight. They also make a good pair with spring and other summer flowers.


A golden time for the brightest of autumn foliage, fall welcomes the most charming flowers to grace planet earth. Here are some top favourites that are on every florist’s must-have list.


Who doesn’t love dahlias? No one! The ruffle-brimming flowers make their first grand appearance in late summer and flourish in fall. These cold-loving blooms are sensitive to hot weather, so you need to consider temperatures when working with dahlias.

Toffee Roses

If bold and in-your-face colours aren’t your cup of tea, you might want to consider understated elegance. And toffee roses are yours for the plucking. With its muddy tone, you can use the stems to downplay overly-bright blooms or use them as a stand-alone neutral in a too-bright space.


A typical porch flower with a hard-to-spell name, chrysanthemums bring rustic charm to the bouquet. Specifics include statement Fuji, Football mums and button mums in numerous shades of terracotta, burgundy, yellow and golden hues.

Kangaroo paws

Best believe, there’s nothing animalistic about these quirky yet whimsical fan blooms. You will find a festive fall palette comprising brown, orange and red hues. They are quite intriguing and interesting. So, if you like something “different”, grab some kangaroo paws!


Winter might not seem like the time for flowers, you are probably thinking of hot coffee and warm blankets. But this brutally cold season has some surprising blooms that make the season a lot more delightful. Here goes;


Classy and chic are the adjectives that best describe winter anemones. They are specifically made for the flower fanatic who can’t do without their blooms no matter the season. The circular blooms are encased with soft white petals and a deeply pigmented centre. Very charming indeed!


Featuring a romantic touch, hellebores offer a gorgeous palette in mauve, burgundy, beige and eggplant hues. The petals are delicate and paper-like, but the stems are very sturdy and enshrouded in multiple blooms.


No flower defies the snowy-white countenance of winter like the amaryllis. The star-shaped flowercomes in bold red and burgundy shades with colour-diffusing centres. There’s also a dual-toned variety with a peppermint-toned striped bloom.

The final Bloom

And it’s a wrap! We hope you are now well-acquainted with seasonal flowers. It’s time to hire a florist to set the rest of the stage. On that note, you can check out the House Service App to hire a professional house service florist for the best blooms in and out of the season!

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