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Most households exempt children from household chores, claiming that it is the sole responsibility of the parents or adults to take care of the home. But is this school of thought accurate? Let’s explore the topic.

Children and Household Chores

Household chores are often reserved for parents, house service maids, or adults in a home. Children are not encouraged to participate in housekeeping duties, on the grounds of school work, extracurricular activities and age limits.

However, research has challenged this “school of thought”, stating that children who participate in chores like laundry and cleaning, enjoy several life-long benefits.

The Importance of Household Chores for Children

While you may be reluctant to assign chores to kids, understand that you are doing them a great disservice. Asking your children to help you run the household isn’t unkind or unconventional. Rather, you will teach them valuable life skills and mould them into responsible adults. Several research studies have highlighted the importance of household chores for children. A study from the University of Minnesota reported that a child’s success as an adult is reflective of their involvement in household duties when young. This means that when children help with chores, it can positively impact their transcension into adulthood.

Here are the top reasons why household chores are important for children:

1. Teaches Responsibility and Accountability

Whether you have a home service housekeeper or run your home by yourself, it is important to teach your kids the value of chores. One such value is instilling a sense of responsibility in your little one. When you delegate chores to your kids, they will develop a sense of duty and take pride in the completion of tasks.

Ultimately, they will treat each task with a positive attitude and know what responsibility entails. As they grow and mature into adults, they learn to become accountable for their actions in other aspects of their lives. They will own up to their mistakes while bearing in mind that actions have consequences. Overall, your children will become more self-aware and reflective.

2. Cultivates Life Skills

Household chores are an essential part of everyday living. Cleaning, cooking and other menial tasks teach us how to survive and make the most of our lives. These are life-long skills that can help your children navigate the world. By learning to clean and cook, your children can become independent adults without relying on external factors to help them maintain their homes.

If they are caught in a circumstance where they need to cook healthy meals, you can trust in their ability to survive. Chores may be mundane but they also teach time management, an important life skill that aids career and personal development. Thus, they grow up to become self-sufficient and empowered adults.

3. Boosts Self Esteem

People without self-esteem live constricted lives and find it difficult to attain their full potential. So it is uber important to have and maintain self-esteem in all areas of our lives. Thankfully, getting your kids to do chores can help them develop self-esteem as they learn the beauty of accomplishment. When they take part in household responsibilities, they will feel valued and appreciated.

There’s nothing quite like knowing you play a positive role in the world, and something as simple as mopping the floor can make your kids feel good about themselves. And as they become more confident, they will take on new challenges and pursue goals without inhibitions. They will realize that hard work and diligence are the primary ingredients of success and will put in the work to achieve their dreams.

4. Instills the Value of Teamwork                     

A team player is the symbol of success and children must inculcate this habit. One way to teach your kids the importance of teamwork and cooperation is by encouraging them to help out at the home. For example,  you can ask them to help the home service nanny to watch after their younger sibling. That way, they and the nanny will be a team. Or you can bake cookies together for the first time and confront any baking mishaps or flaws together.

This way, they will learn that one needs to form partnerships to accomplish goals. By working as a team with family members or house service professionals, they will learn effective communication and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These are traits that are generally needed for career actualization in the workplace and personal growth.

5. Teaches  Empathy

Empathy is a core human trait but it is easier said than developed. Empathy and kindness make the world a better place. Lack of empathy contributes to most of the problems that plague the world today. That said, you want to make sure that your kids grow up to be loving and empathetic adults. You can instil a sense of empathy in your child by getting them to help with household duties.

By contributing to family responsibilities, they will discover the significance of lending a helping hand. Soon, you won’t have to tell them to help you or the house service maid do chores. They will be naturally compelled to help out when they see you or anyone struggling with the chores.

6. Teaches Financial Responsibility

Money plays a key role in our lives and children must learn how to handle finances responsibly from an early age. You can use chores to teach kids about money by introducing a reward system. When you give them a reasonable payment for completing specific chores, they will understand the value of earning and learn to value their income.

Money accrued from tasks is wholly different from money received as a gift. Your little one will value the payment system as they learn that nothing is given on a silver platter— you have to work hard to earn your meal. They will also treat this income responsibly as opposed to money received as a birthday gift. While they may spend a monetary gift recklessly, they won’t do the same with payment for chores.

The Takeaway

Conclusively, it is important to encourage your children to do household chores. They will develop several life-long skills and optimise many benefits that lay the foundation for a robust future.

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