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Hiring maids for home services, such as laundry is now available to all and not exclusive to the rich and famous

Outsourcing laundry will do you a world of good! Laundry takes a ton of time and effort to execute, so hiring a maid to absolve this responsibility is ideal. But if you are still not convinced or having second thoughts, read this article to the last detail and you won’t think twice about hiring a maid to handle your laundry!

Laundry is a Time and Effort-consuming Chore

It might not seem like a big deal, but doing laundry can hinder your productivity. Having to tackle linens, jackets, bedsheets and every article of clothing you own, can take a toll on your energy and productivity.  From washing to rinsing to drying to folding to ironing, laundry is a long and burdensome process. 

Think about all the things you’d rather do than spend time maintaining your wearables. Isn’t it so much easier to have someone to do these tasks instead? Imagine how much less stressed you’d be if you had a home service maid who deals with your laundry and other chores.  And you might not realise how draining laundry is until you do it one, two, three and a hundred times! That said, it is time to stop being insufferable and embrace the easy life.

Top Reasons why you should Hire a Maid to do your Laundry

  1.  A Maid is a multi-tasker

House service maids are excellent multi-taskers. A maid will handle your laundry like a pro and also organise and maintain your home. Also, with your laundry out of the way, your home has better chances of looking clean and orderly. And when your home is free of clutter, it will help reduce your stress levels.

A maid will also ensure a healthy home by sanitising clothes, lines and hard surfaces. In some cases, your maid may also offer to cook and babysit your kids. And there’s nothing quite like coming home to a delicious home-cooked meal, a clean and orderly space and crisp-clean folded laundry.

  1. Your Laundry Gets Done in Time

When we handle our laundry ourselves, we tend to procrastinate. And if we don’t procrastinate, other things get in the way and we keep relegating laundry duties until it is a pile too big to handle at a time.  Interestingly, when you hire a home service maid to do your laundry, it gets done in time.

 The maid knows it is her duty and will treat it diligently. You won’t have to throw in suits and socks at the last minute because you forgot you had a meeting. You will have few wardrobe malfunctions because there’s always a clean alternative to wear. And on those days when you spill hot coffee or wine on your clothes while celebrating with friends and family, you can quickly change into a clean set of clothes without saying ‘oh snap, I had no time to do the laundry this week!”

  1.  Outsourcing Laundry is an Affordable Necessity

You might think it is expensive to hire a maid to tackle your laundry, but think about all the money you’d spend on hospital bills because you were too busy taking care of laundry (and other chores) to take care of your health! Besides, no one has gotten poorer from outsourcing laundry.

Instead, people have lived longer, healthier and stress-free lives because they decided to outsource menial tasks and focus on what matters. The most successful people are those who passed on some tasks to others while focusing on more specific tasks. Plus, hiring a maid isn’t as expensive as it appears.  You can order a competent maid from the House Service App at a reasonable rate. You don’t have to break the bank or compromise your mortgage to afford necessities like a house service maid.

  1. Frees up Time for More Important Things

Your life shouldn’t revolve around laundry and other chores. If you spend all your time and energy on sorting, washing, drying and ironing — life might pass you by! But when you hand over your laundry to a reliable home service maid, you will have time to do more fulfilling things like:

  • Attending Yoga classes
  • Play games with your kids
  • Host a surprise dinner date for your significant other
  • Schedule sessions with your fitness trainer
  • Take online courses
  • Get a master’s degree or other academic qualifications
  • Launch a new business
  • Make more money by working from home
  • Read a book or watch Netflix
  • Do some gardening

  1. You will no Longer Fight Over Laundry

It will surprise you to know that couples have gotten divorced over seemingly silly reasons like laundry and housework. It is common knowledge that couples and families fight over laundry and other house chores. And if you don’t outsource your laundry today, you might reach that point of no return.

 If you are expending unnecessary energy and emotions over “who will do the laundry”, it is time to hire a maid. Very few people enjoy doing laundry, and this is why fights happen all the time. So, before you ruin your relationship with your loved ones, hire a home service maid now!

  1. Outsourcing Laundry is an Act of Love

Self-love and self-care begin with saying no to tasks that you can outsource. If you spend all day doing laundry, you won’t have time to go to the spa, hang out with your friends or enjoy a good bottle of wine (all of which are self-care activities). Living in a clutter-free space is also self-care, and laundry sure makes a mess! But if you have a maid, you can ensure a clutter-free space.

You can also hire a house service maid for your aged parents or loved ones. The elderly seldom has energy for menial tasks like laundry.  Best believe that they will appreciate a hired help who will take care of their laundry and other housework.  When you do this, it portrays your love and concern for them.

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing laundry makes for a more productive and stress-free life.  We all have endless to-do lists and sometimes laundry gets the short end of the stick. By the time you are done cooking, running errands and taking care of the kids, it is too late to do laundry.

Other times, you are too exhausted by work to even make time to wash your underwear!  On the whole, hiring a maid to do your laundry makes life a lot easier. Plus, a maid will also do other chores so you don’t have to sweat the little stuff!

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