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A Hairdresser for every occasion and every hairdo

People do say that your hairdresser is also your unofficial therapist, and this isn’t far from the truth. Hairdressers, especially house service hairdressers are an integral part of our self-care routine. Self-care entails a bunch of self-pampering activities including hair care. Learn how a hairdresser can help you make the most of your personalised pampering day.

Who is a Hairdresser?

A hairdresser is a person who specialises in cutting, trimming, colouring, grooming and styling hair to enhance or maintain a customer’s looks. Hairdressers are also called hair stylists. Hairdressers are solely concerned with hair care; they adopt various techniques to make your tresses healthy and gorgeous.

Professional hairdressers also double as hair consultants. They hand out hair-worthy advice and recommendations that promote hair health, growth and shine. A good hairdresser interacts with the client before the appointed day to know their styling requirements.

Upon getting the necessary information, they will evaluate the client’s hair, lifestyle and physical features. Thus, they can make good hair decisions for their clients and recommend better choices (if need be).

What Skills do Hairdressers Offer?

As aforementioned, a hairdresser specialises in all things related to hair styling and grooming. Most hairdressers offer a range of skills. Some hairdressers specialise in specific techniques while others are jack-of-all-trades! Hairdressers typically specialise in the following hair styling techniques:

  • Chemical Relaxing and Straightening
  • Wig Styling
  • Weaving and Braiding
  • Artificial Hair Installation
  • Hair Coloring and Dye Application
  • Perming
  • Hair Plugs

These techniques span colouring, styling and cutting. A hairdresser also has extensive knowledge about different hairstyles including:

  • Straight hairstyles like; Straight Cuts, Long Curtain Bangs and Straight Shags.
  • Short hairstyles like; Pixie Cut, Asymmetrical bob, Bouncy bob, and Layered cuts.
  • Long hairstyles like; Balayage layered waves, Face-framing layers and Platinum point cuts.
  • Modern up-do styles for special occasions like; Chunky braid updo, Bouffant up do, and French Rolls.
  • Luxury hairstyles like; Crochet curls, Loc braids, Faux Locs, Passion twists and sombre hair.
  • Curly hairstyles like; Messy Bobs, Bouncy curls, Bouncy spirals, and Cascading locks.

Where do Hairdressers Work?

In the not-so-distant past, hairdressers were exclusive to salons and hair-cutting outlets. These salons and outlets are scattered across spas, shopping malls and in other residential and commercial areas.

A hairdresser may work as an employee in a salon or independently run a salon. Independent hairdressers also employ other hairdressers to help them run their business for an agreed fee. They may buy or rent a space to use as a salon or a hair styling establishment.

However, hairdressers now offer home service. As the world embraced online marketing, so did hairdressers. Career-driven hairdressers now set up their businesses online, so their target customers can locate them easily.

When a client hires a house service hairdresser via a House Service App, he or she can get their hair styled within the four walls of their home or desired location without moving a foot. A hairdresser may also travel out of their state or country per a client’s request.

There are also celebrity hairdressers who exclusively work for high-profile clients like actors, music artists, politicians and other society elites. They may work for a specific individual or a group of celebrities, mostly travelling with their clients to perform hairdressing and styling services (as the case may be).

Some hairdressers also work in the fashion industry. These sets of hairdressers specialise in styling models’ hair for fashion shows and photo shoots. They work at various onset locations that transcend their residential coverage.

How a Hairdresser can Impact your Self-care Day

  • Helps you feel good

You must have heard the saying “if you look good, you feel good”! Nothing makes you feel good and confident than a new hairstyle or hair makeover. You will look and feel like a million dollars.

A personalised pampering day serves to lift off pressure and stress from your life. You could spend the day at the spa, the beautician’s or at a clothing mall. But your day will never be complete without a session with a hairdresser. Best of all, you can order home service from a House Service app!

  • You Get Someone to Share your Feelings with

The importance of companionship for all age groups including the elderly cannot be overemphasised! Though a personalised pampering day is reserved for you and you alone, you can sneak in a friendly companion in form of a hairdresser to help you work through some feelings. Plus, we sometimes don’t feel comfortable discussing certain things with friends and family, so a friendly stranger suffices.

It is no secret that we tend to spill while getting our hair done. And in fact, 37% of customers often heed their hairdresser’s advice. A hairdresser will give you brutally honest advice because they are not personally involved in or affected by your life. You will even feel more comfortable when you hire a house service hairdresser for privacy’s sake. So, you will not only look and feel good, but you will also get things off your chest and a piece of life-altering advice.

  • Offers Therapeutic Benefits

Life can be very demanding and stressful. From family crises to spousal issues to work problems to health concerns, a lot can be on your plate. So, the objective of a personalised pampering day is to relieve stress and help you handle your feelings. According to Booksy, 43% of hairdressers are critical to a client’s mental health.

Scheduling a hairstyling session is one way to banish negative emotions and take a break from an overwhelming life. The process itself is relaxing and talking to the hairdresser gives room to release pent-up emotions. You will most likely find comfort in the hairdresser’s words. Even if the hairdresser doesn’t say anything, just talking about your problems will lift the pressure from your chest. You will feel good and more relaxed afterwards.

In Conclusion

There’s no doubt that you need a hairdresser to make the most of your personalised pampering day! A hairdresser caters to your hair and mental state. He or she will make your hair look fabulous, which will make you look and feel confident and happy.

As a bonus, you can share your thoughts, feelings and problems with a hairdresser and in turn get valuable advice that can turn your situation around. For good measure, it is best to hire a home service hairdresser. It is more convenient and helps you enjoy your private space without external interference.

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