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Our Elders are in much need of some TLC: Tender, Love and Care. So Let’s Buddy Up!

Loneliness in old age has been an acceptable norm for ages. Society has indulged and welcomed the concept, believing that it is natural for the elderly to get lonely as they age. That is, their circle becomes smaller as people they used to know become ill or die.

Fortunately, the world is evolving and humans are slowly learning the importance of companionship in old age, especially where house service care is concerned. Isolation isn’t and should never be a natural part of ageing. Companionship for the elderly is extremely important just as it is for kids, young adults and middle-aged adults.

Why Companionship is Important for Seniors

According to a study by the University of Michigan, Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, about a quarter of elderly people are socially isolated. About a third do not enjoy consistent companionship and self-isolation is apparent among those with health issues.

Social interaction is a fundamental part of human life. Hence, we strive to make friends, get into relationships and build families. We value the importance of family, friendships and all other bonds that make us feel loved and accepted. Without these interactions, our lives will lose value, meaning and purpose.

Imagine taking this privilege away from older adults because of age-long assumptions and what we believe is “normal”. Imagine the loneliness that comes with living the last days of your life in solitude with no real friendships or a support system.

Without a doubt, isolation breeds depression, anxiety and lack of motivation. Elderly people are naturally vulnerable and susceptible to a myriad of age-associated diseases. Add solitude to the mix and we have neglected and deeply embattled individuals struggling to survive each day.

Due to the lack of friends or loving companions, most elderly people don’t seek help for various health concerns. They also find it difficult to get urgent help in cases of emergency like a stroke or heart attack. Hence, companionship is more than just having someone to talk to. It also improves the quality of life and leads to a longer life span for the aged and vulnerable.

The Benefits of Companionship for the Elderly

  1. Establishes Emotional Support and Care

While home service companion caregivers assist the elderly with basic chores and hygiene care, they also extend emotional support and care. They are seasoned multitaskers who maintain the lives and homes of the aged one. A companion service provider doubles as a loving friend — while the laundry is in the washing machine, they will play games with the senior or watch movies. They build authentic friendships with seniors that stem from care, love and respect. Over time, the seniors will look forward to each day with a spring in their steps and joy in their smiles.

Seniors with loving companion caregivers are less susceptible to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. They are too busy being happy to be depressed or anxious. They enjoy robust mental health right from the comfort of their homes. Of course, they will have bad days like everyone else, but the good days will outweigh the bad ones. It is amazing how you can improve the life quality of your aged relative by hiring a companion caregiver from a home services app.

  1. Promotes a Sense of Security

A home service companion provider is synonymous with a personal assistant! They will accompany the seniors at all times and ensure their safety. Whether the senior is running errands, visiting a doctor, or having lunch with friends, the caregiver will always be there. They also assist seniors to manage strenuous medical equipment like portable oxygen tanks and wheelchairs.

A companion caregiver also assists seniors with toilet demands within and outside the home. It is common for seniors to suffer continence issues as they age and without an extra hand, they tend to embarrass themselves. The fact that there’s a competent hand to assist and safeguard their activities boosts a senior’s confidence to pursue social interactions and handle day-to-day activities. They also run into lesser accidents because someone is looking out for them.

  1. Supports Physical and Mental Health

One of the huge benefits of companionship is its positive impact on mental and physical health. Mental health conditions like depression tend to surface with loneliness and isolation. Companionship reduces the risk of depression in the elderly. Depression affects one’s quality of life and may contribute to worsening health conditions like Alzheimer’s. Home service companionship also alleviates age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s disease causes cognitive decline and it is dangerous for lonely older adults. Several research studies have shown that the debilitating disease is lower in seniors with a healthy social life. Companionship promotes mental stimulation which leads to increased memory function. As a result, it can also prevent dementia. So why don’t you use the House Service App to get quality companionship for your beloved elder?

  1. Provides Tranquility or Peace of Mind

Besides boosting mental and physical health, and providing emotional support and a sense of security, companionship also aids tranquility. A professional companion caregiver provides peace of mind for the senior and their family. Amidst life’s responsibilities and demands, family members may not have sufficient time to take care of their aged relatives. It can be very difficult to juggle jobs, family and the responsibility of caregiving. So it makes sense to outsource caregiving and companionship to qualified individuals that are fit for the role. With a companionship caregiver, families can rest assured that their loved one is in good and qualified hands. They can go about their daily life without worry or anxiety.

In the same vein, the seniors would no longer feel guilty about depending too much on their loved ones. They will feel more confident and at ease knowing they are relieving their loved ones of a burden. The truth is, your aged relative may not tell you they feel like a burden, but most times they do. The same goes for the aged one’s family members. They may give their all to your care, but internally they wish for succour and feel guilty for not being present in the moment. So, it is only logical to spare both parties the emotional and physical burden by hiring a caregiver from a House Service App!

In Conclusion

As much as we’d like to be there for our aged loved ones at all times, it is not possible. The world is demanding and we find ourselves shackled to many responsibilities. So, it is nearly impossible to divide our time equally between our lives and the care of our aged relatives. This is where home service companionship comes in.

Like everyone else, seniors need healthy companionship to live fulfilling lives. Don’t deny them this privilege and watch them give in to the ravages of isolation. If you can’t handle caregiving and companionship by yourself, get the House Service App and hire a qualified house service companionship provider who will take absolute care of your aged loved one and help them live a happy and enjoyable life!

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