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A Staycation is not only Affordable, it is Relaxing too

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Remember, a staycation is all about you and your needs. So prioritise your mental and physical well-being by indulging in hobbies and treats you are passionate about. It could be…
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How to Celebrate the Upcoming King’s Coronation around the World

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The upcoming king’s coronation is a highly anticipated event with immense global significance. And while the coronation will be taking place in England, you can celebrate in your own little…
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Lent and Easter, the Jewish Passover and Ramadan: What this Means for the Abrahamic Faiths

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The festivals convey a strong message about our need for peace and goodness — we can’t thrive in a world rife with conflicts and bias while the same blood runs…
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Why you should Hire a Seamstress for your Special Day

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A home service seamstress is necessary for perfect-fitting and gorgeous wedding gowns and dresses. It is a convenient and stress-free service that also spares costs. Hiring a seamstress for your…
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Wedding Season: Every Bride Needs an Entourage

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Every bride deserves the best wedding entourage — from hair and beauty stylists to photographers to florists to event planners to fitness trainers to cake decorators to caterers! Having the…
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A Hairdresser will Complete your Personalised Pampering Day

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You need a hairdresser to make the most of your personalised pampering day! A hairdresser caters to your hair and mental state. He or she will make your hair look…
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Date Night At Home: The Perfect Way to Surprise Your Beloved

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While eating out is not a bad idea but itself, it is trailed by the extra expenses of getting a babysitter and costly meals at fancy restaurants. On the other…
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The importance of family and the effect of family life on wellbeing

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Families are indeed one of the best things in life. They offer protection, model good values, meet its members' needs, and cheer us up whenever we are down. Whether you…